Structural Implications of Waterproofing

Who is this training course for?

This industry first training course will be beneficial to all waterproofing surveyors, in particular those involved in designing waterproofing systems.

The aim of the training is to broaden knowledge through exploring what constitutes a comprehensive thought process when designing effective waterproofing systems. It explores all the considerations that should be taken into account in terms of the potential effects of waterproofing systems on the structure of buildings. Through such an approach, surveyors will be better equipped to design systems that, if installed and maintained properly, will be effective in both the short and long term.

Attendees do not require any qualification or previous training in structural/civil engineering to understand and benefit from this course.

How is this training structured?

This is a one-day course. It picks out and focusses on the relevant elements studied by structural/civil engineers which are extremely beneficial for the waterproofing surveyor to understand.

These include aspects of:

  • Applied mechanics – an understanding of the basic principles of applied mechanics, such as forces, Newton’s Laws, work, and energy
  • Theory of Structures – such as the properties of materials, and how structures react under load (force or pressure)
  • Hydraulics – an understanding of certain sections of hydraulics and hydrology, including water flow through pipes, as well as the ground

Through an appreciation of these aspects, delegates will at the end of the course be able to:

  • Review an existing structure and consider all the strengths, weaknesses and functions of the building
  • Apply a thorough thought process to designing waterproofing systems that are sympathetic to a building’s structure, and therefore more effective in both the short and long term
  • Appreciate why liaising with design teams is a key part of the process and beneficial to nurture communication links between all involved in a project
  • Understand and appreciate the ‘bigger picture’ in waterproofing design

Structural Implications of Waterproofing Training Dates

Month Course Date
March 2018  Thurs 22nd
November 2018  Thurs 15th
Course Fees
Fees for PCA Members
£185 + VAT

Fees for non PCA Members
£240 + VAT

Please note that there are a limited number of places on each training course and places can only be reserved with full payment. Please check back here for additional dates as they are announced.

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