What is the Property Care Association?

The Property Care Association (PCA) is the trade association representing specialists across the UK who can be trusted to resolve problems affecting buildings.

PCA members can investigate and resolve property defects involving:

Property Care Association members help you care fopr your property


It is easy to find your nearest PCA member using the postcode search at the top of this page.

Simply enter the postcode of the property, then select from the drop down menus the type of PCA member required and the service required (damp, timber, flood protection, invasive weed etc). Then click the ‘search’ button to conduct a search of the PCA member database.

As a trade association the PCA is not able to make specific recommendations.  Using the search function at the top of this page allows property owners to see a wide choice of PCA members displayed in geographical order in terms of increasing distance from the postcode entered in the search box.

The Property Care Association works to promote high standards of professionalism and expertise across the industry sectors it represents.

How does this work in practice?

Companies wishing to join the PCA are required to meet and maintain robust membership criteria.  These criteria cover aspects of their services including professional qualifications, technical competence, service delivery and financial stability.

In order to maintain membership of the PCA, member companies also have to maintain these standards, and are audited regularly to ensure standards are being maintained.  This gives consumers confidence that PCA members are robust and reliable companies to provide them with property care services.

The PCA also provides an industry voice on behalf of its members and the sectors it represents.  The PCA works with government departments, industry bodies, responds to industry consultation documents and assists with the development of new guidelines, all with the aim of promoting best practice and protecting consumers.

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