Property Flood Resilience Training for Surveyors

Who is this training course for?

This Property Flood Resilience Training is for anyone who wants to understand the processes involved in the assessment of flood risk and the delivery of flood resistance and resilience in the built environment.

Living with the risk of flood brings worry, misery and numerous challenges for homeowners. When flooding occurs it is not just property that is affected – it is people’s homes and their daily lives.

This training has therefore been developed to address all the key elements that need to be considered to assess the risk of flood in the survey process, including the importance of liaising with homeowners. This will ensure the recommended strategies are appropriate for their individual needs and situation, and appropriate for their property and level of flood risk.

How is this training structured?

This is a two day course that explores four key modules. Together these modules provide attendees with the depth of understanding and awareness about the process that should be adopted in order to undertake effective and comprehensive PLP surveys, to deliver reliable, predictable flood resilience and protection.

Day 1

Module 1. Flood Risk

Topics include:

  • Different sources of flooding and types of flood risk
  • Hierarchy of flood protection
  • When to use flood resistance or flood resilience

Module 2. People

Topics include:

  • Impact of flooding
  • Flood history
  • Sources of assistance
  • Grants and insurance
Day 2

Module 3. Buildings

Topics include:

    • How buildings differ
    • Common routes of ingress (ROI)
    • Construction types and considerations

Module 4. Products

Topics include:

  • PAS1188
  • Product types and examples
  • Dos and Dont’s

Property Flood Resilience Training for Surveyors Dates

Month Day 1 Day 2
March 2017 Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd
June 2017 Tuesday 6th Wednesday 7th
September 2017 Tuesday 12th Wednesday 13th
December 2017* Tuesday 5th Wednesday 6th
* Date changed – was previously November 2017

Property Flood Resilience Training Course Fees 2017

Fees for PCA Members
£370 + VAT

Fees for non PCA Members
£480 + VAT

Please note that there are a limited number of places on each training course and places can only be reserved with full payment.

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