Specialist Apprenticeship Scheme – Preservation Industry

“In situ Treatment of Timber and Damp in Buildings Above Ground”

The PCA understands the importance of providing appropriate training to all of those within the specialist damp and timber industry. This applies to all stages of a professional career in the preservation industry.

The first step on a specialist path to a career in the preservation industryApprentices - group shot

The PCA has developed a Specialist 2 year Apprenticeship Programme, an industry first, to encourage individuals into the preservation industry. This is mainly due to the increase in those retiring and the lack of succession. The Apprenticeship will ensure that those who want to pursue a career in preservation have a relevant specialist path to follow.

The Specialist Apprenticeship Programme is available to all. This includes PCA members, non-members and the wider specialist construction industry. Apprentices can have some or no previous experience in the industry and there is no minimum or maximum age.

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CITB endorsed

The Specialist Apprenticeship Programme is fully endorsed by the CITB and forms part of their apprenticeship programme for the specialist trades. It is also subject to substantial grant funding, subject to meeting certain criteria.

The Apprenticeship Programme was launched in December 2015 and the first two cohorts are now on their new career path in the preservation industry.

CITB Grant Funding