CITB Grant Funding for Apprenticeship Scheme

The PCA Specialist Apprenticeship Scheme is fully endorsed by the CITB and forms part of their apprenticeship programme for the specialist trades.

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ACT NOW!  Available funding will be reduced in 2018 
CITB have recently announced that as of 2018 grant funding for specialist apprenticeships is reducing substantially from £7,650 to just £6,000.

Those that are currently participating in the PCA Specialist Apprenticeship in Damp and Timber are able to claim £7,650 in grant funding from CITB. This covers the apprenticeship in full and goes towards their travel, hotel and wages whilst they are at the PCA training centre in Huntingdon. Going forward the reduced grant funding will cover most of the cost of the apprenticeship with employers left to make up the difference.

If you are considering registering an apprentice on the damp and timber programme we would advise doing so for one of the two intake dates remaining this year (6th June and 9th October 2017) to take full advantage of the higher amount of CITB funding this year.

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The available grant funding at the level for the remainder of 2017 more than covers the fees for participating in the Apprenticeship Scheme. Certain CITB criteria have to be met, but if successful funding is usually paid in quarterly instalments (note: there is no vat added to CITB grants).

Lisa Holdich, Apprenticeship Scheme Manager, can provide knowledgeable guidance on the grant funding available through the CITB, and the application process.  Contact Lisa by phone or e-mail to discuss funding, or any other elements of the scheme.

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