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2022 International Property Care Conference

Welcome to #IPCC2022

Our annual International Property Care Conference returns on 22nd September 2022. Join us as we bring together leading professionals on topics that look towards apdapting, better preserving while embracing new means to access and surveying buildings and property. 

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The focus of the conference...

Since the first human daubed decorative images on a cave wall, our dwellings have been about more than keeping us out of the weather. Improving and caring for our homes, reflecting fashion and the adoption of innovations and new technology has resulted in adaptation and modernisation but also in the abandonment of properties that become obsolete.

In 2022 we see the same cycles of adaptation, changing fashion, modernisation, and neglect but the rate of change has quickened.  The focus on fuel efficiency, safety and comfort is putting incredible pressure on us to adapt existing buildings incredibly rapidly.

The need to protect the value and diversity of our built environment and conserve architectural heritage can seem at odds with the need to embracing technology and prevent obsolescence.

This conference embraces the need to adapt and meet the needs of individual occupants as well as the planet, while recognising the importance of preserving our irreplaceable built heritage assets. Through presentation and debate we hope to promote an informed, balanced approach to both. 

2022 International Property Care Conference programme

The 2022 conference programme is shaping up well, with some interesting speakers and talks lined up. To learn more, take a look at the current line up below...

09.05: Welcome and introduction to the conference

  • The building preservation “industry” is now 92 years old and so should be considered mature. But has there ever been a time of greater change, innovation, adaptation, and opportunity in the built environment? In the opening and throughout the programme, we will start to think about the drivers of these exciting times. 
  • Stephen Hodgson, CEO, PCA

09.15: “Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings - Principles and Competencies” 

  • After a three year wait the RICS, in collaboration with Historic England and PCA, will publicly launch this highly significant and much anticipated joint statement. This totally unique initiative sees industry, surveying and heritage come together to agree on the skill and knowledge, that all parties agree, should be the prerequisite to damp detection in traditional buildings. The launch of this joint project promises to be the start of a new era for moisture diagnostics in buildings and the start of important collaboration and joint working into the future.
  • Senior representatives from each of the principal authors of the document will provide their views on the importance of the work and the likely impacts it will have on their respective communities.
  • Dr Duncan Philips, FRICS, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Nicola Lauder, MRICS, Conservation Accredited Building Surveyor, Historic England & James Berry, PCA
10.15:“Understanding, assessing, reporting and respecting “significance” in the built environment” 
  • The joint statement requires that professionals consider a “significance”. In this presentation we will discuss how this may be considered, recorded, and acted upon. 
  • Professor John Edwards, University of Wales Trinity St David
10.40: “A ‘fabric first’ approach to the energy performance adaptation of buildings can only succeed if measures are bolted onto functional buildings” 
  • With work progressing on the BS 40104, the focus on ensuring buildings are fit to retrofit is growing sharper. This presentation will look in detail at the importance of pre retrofit evaluation and repair.
  • Professor Richard Fitton, MRICS, University of Salford
11.30: “Building Safety Bill & its reach beyond ’high risk’ buildings” 
  • The Building Safety Bill is reorganising the construction industry, it will reach into every corner of the sector. The focus may have been on tall “high risk” dwellings but the reorganisation of building control, the advent of the building safety regulator and the involvement of HSE will change everything.  
  • Jon Vanstone, Chairman, Interim Industry Competence Committee
11.55: “Innovation Whizz Talks” 

In these sessions we will be introduced to some of the exciting technologies that are assisting surveyors understand buildings and how innovative companies protect them. Each presentation will be supported by a demonstration area or trade exhibition where delegates meet the presenters and come closer to the innovations.

  • 12.00: Thermokil Heat Treatment - Dave Hammond, Thermokil 
  • 12.10: Ground Penetrating Radar - Ross Charters, Complete Preservation Ltd
  • 12.20: Home Inspection Robot - Russell Rafton, Dryfix Preservation Ltd
  • 12.30: Dynamic Testing Methodology - Jon Avent, Mann Williams
  • 12.40: MORI WMF Sub Floor Ventilation Fan - Paul Harrington, Homevent 
14.00: “Damp—it’s never user error” 
  • The impacts of the Ombudsman report in October 2021, which told building professionals to do better for tenants, is still being digested. The report lays bare the improvements that are needed in the approach, accountability, and quality of damp management in tenanted homes. Significantly it exposes the all-too-common but misplaced assertion that tenants can be blamed for the dampness that blights their lives.  
  • Alan Park, Housing Ombudsman Service
14.25: “Challenges of Retrofitting Timber Buildings” 
  • The lowest carbon building is one that has already been built, but what are the challenges involved in refurbishing and retrofitting timber buildings? Dr John Williams of RSK will discuss the methods to appraise and assess structural timber in existing buildings and methods to remediate or strengthen the structural elements using a light-touch approach.
  • Dr John Williams, RSK
14.50: “Will Flood Resilience ever be ‘normalised’?” 
  • Government have said that they want the provision, offer and delivery of property flood protection to be “normalised “ by 2025. In this presentation we will look at what this means from an insurers perspective.
  • Rob Dakin, AXA Insurance
14.50: “Challenges of Retrofitting Timber Buildings” 
  • The lowest carbon building is one that has already been built, but what are the challenges involved in refurbishing and retrofitting timber buildings? Dr John Williams of RSK will discuss the methods to appraise and assess structural timber in existing buildings and methods to remediate or strengthen the structural elements using a light-touch approach.
  • Dr John Williams, RSK
15.15: “Is carbon net zero by 2050 the biggest threat to UK homes since the blitz, or a onetime opportunity to save the planet?”  
  • In this short presentation we will consider the positive and negative implications of the thermal improvements that we will all be tasked with delivering, surveying, and correcting in the years to come, and discuss whether we should embrace or flee from what’s to come.
  • Stephen Hodgson, CEO, PCA
15.30: “Emerging insect threats to timber in the UK”  
  • Nicholas will provide an insight into the growing and ever present threat of new alien invasive bugs and fungi that threaten to eat our homes. With a highly engaging mixture of images that you will never have seen before and sounds you have never heard, our friend and highly respected uber-geek, will bring humour and enthusiasm to a presentation that you will remember.
  • Nicholas Donnithorne, Rentokil Property Care
15.55: Closing Questions and Debate  
  • An opportunity for open debate, comment, and opinion from the floor of the conference before the conference closes at 16.15.

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What you will benefit from...

The 2022 International Property Care Conference is an ideal platform for anyone associated with the surveying, construction & preservation industry to benefit from and improve their understanding of the principles and practices towards dampness in buildings, current market conditions, the latest technical content and future developments in the industry.

If you are in the building preservation sector, or are a construction/property professional, then this is an event you won’t want to miss! Grab an opportunity to accrue those all important CPD points whilst networking with leading experts in the field!

What to expect - Highlights from the recent Waterproofing Conference

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Where will the conference be held?

Our 2022 International Building Preservation Conference will be held at The University of Warwick, Coventry (near Birmingham), UK. To find out exactly where this is located and directions on how to get there, check out the map below:

Prices for the conference

    • PCA Members: Conference only  -  £125 + VAT
    • Non Members: Conference only  -  £175 + VAT

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