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Dissatisfied with a PCA Member?

Firstly, we are sorry to hear you may have a complaint about one of our members. We take complaints seriously and all are recorded to track the progress and identify any potential trends.   

Prior to making the complaint, please note that we are unable to assist with complaints of a financial or legal nature and can only intervene in those pertaining to our current members in the sector in which they are registered with us. Our role as a Trade Association is to mediate between the customer and PCA member to resolve any technical issues that may have arisen.

To submit a formal complaint, we will need you to complete an online form though recommend you read the information below to ensure it is a matter we can assist in.  

Before registering a complaint

Before registering a complaint, please make sure you have the following infomation (please note, the contractor is under no legal obligation to keep any paperwork. The onus is on the property owner to keep all of the following):

  • all correspondence between yourself and the contractor
  • the original report and quotation for works
  • the original guarantee
  • the original invoice
  • your terms and conditions

If you do not have the above paperwork, any future claim may not be accepted. If this paperwork is requested from the contractor, you may be liable for administration charges.

Please note that if you bring a formal complaint to the Association we will require the above paperwork to allow us to fully investigate any complaint, and will require you to complete the online form (below). We will not be able to return any documentation, so please do not send in any original documentation.

Please check the following before making a complaint:

  • Is the company still a current member of the PCA? We are only able to mediate in complaints raised against our current members. If you are unsure, please use the box below to check. 
  • Do you have a valid complaint? – The PCA generally only gets involved in disputes pertaining to technical issues or quality of work; we do not get involved in financial or legal disputes.
  • Do you have all documentation? – See section above.
  • Have you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your guarantee? – Many contractors will charge a re-inspection fee to return to your property. This will be outlined in your Terms & Conditions.
  • Have you discussed your concerns with the member? – Before contacting us you should always give the contractor an opportunity to put the situation right.
  • Have you put your concerns in writing to the member? – In the first instance you should write to the contractor outlining your concerns and give them 7 – 10 days to respond. 
  • Have you had the problem rectified by another member? If you have already had another company fix or rectify the problem, we may be limited as to how we can help. 
  • Are you wanting a refund or compensation? We are unable to assist in financial complaints.  The PCA has no legal sanction and any claims for compensation must be addressed through a legal process (Court of law).  

Check if a Company is PCA registered

Unsure if the company you are complaining about is a PCA member? Click below to run a check.

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Suspect someone is using the PCA logo fraudulently?

Suspect a non-member company is using the PCA logo? See below for contact details. 

Making a Formal Complaint about a Member

The PCA offers a mediation service between consumers and members, always striving to reach an amicable resolution for both parties.  If you have read the above and still wish to make a formal complaint against a member of the PCA, please complete our online form by clicking the link below;

Open a formal complaint

We will endeavour to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and investigate the complaint within 10 working days.  We are unable to provide a timescale for resolution, as this is dependent on communications from both the complainant and member, and receiving any required documents.  

On receipt of a complaint, it is likely that we will need to contact the member(s) as part of our review. Please note again, that we are unable to assist with complaints of a financial or legal nature. 

Homeowners Advice & Guidance

For help, advice, guidance and information on a variety of property related issues, visit our more homeowners section.

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Complaints against the PCA 

Should you have a complaint against the Property Care Association, please follow the process via the button below;  

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