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To offer peace of mind to homeowners, contracting members of the Property Care Association can offer guarantees for the work that has been undertaken. 

Hopefully, your chosen contractor (whether it be a PCA member or not) will always be there to respond to any problems that may arise over the period of the guarantee.  Unfortunately, however, companies may cease to trade during the guarantee period.

Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) 

Many of our contractors can provide an 'Insurance Backed Guarantee'  -  a low cost, long term insurance policy, which provides valuable protection for consumers when undertaking home improvements projects.

The principle of an Insurance Backed Guarantee is to honour the terms of the written guarantee, originally issued by the installing contractor, where the contractor has ceased to trade as defined within the policy document and is therefore unable to satisfy claims against the guarantee.    

These guarantees are issued by our insurance partner Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) 

This is where using a PCA member counts!

The Property Care Association (PCA) represents more than just a Logo at the bottom of our members’ paperwork! We are here to give peace of mind by ensuring your property specialist is well trained and will deliver a high quality service.

Along with ensuring all member companies of the PCA are audited and checked regularly and have the appropriate training to allow them to carry the PCA badge, they can offer guarantees of treatments and repairs beyond most.  Along with the PCA member's work guarantee, PCA members are able to offer 'Insurance Backed Guarantees!

Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG)

Members of the Property Care Association are able to offer Insurance Backed Guarantees, provided by 'Quality Assured National Warranties' (QANW), to safeguard your long term guarantee. By obtaining an IBG through your chosen PCA contractor, you will be protected in the future if faults arise in the works undertaken and the original contractor has ceased to trade.

The general principle of an IBG is simple. It will honour the terms of the long term guarantee, originally issued to you by your contractor, where that contractor has ceased to trade and is, therefore, unable to meet their guarantee obligations by carrying out or meeting the costs of any remedial works that may be required during their long term guarantee.

Who are Qaulity Assured National Warrenties (QANW)?

QANW is the UK's leading provider of Insurance Backed Guarantees and is regulated by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. With many years’ experience, QANW specialises in the provision of IBG’s, which are specifically designed to meet the costs of any remedial works that may be required during a long term guarantee if a contractor ceases to trade and is unable to carry out such works.

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