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2023 International Property Care Conference - Video presentations & pictures

Following the '2023 International Property Care Conference' in September, we are pleased to share the first couple of videos from the event, which will provide many hours of high quality CPD for all. 

These video replay resources currently feature session 1 & 2 of the conference and include presentations from The Housing Ombudsman on what steps they have taken to improve the quality of housing, the challenges for the private rental sector from the HMO Network, James Berry from the PCA looking at the term 'lifestyle' when referenced towards condensation and mould issues in buildings and Kate Faulkner (OBE) on the property market forecast and what we can expect in the months to come.

To view the presentations, simply keep scrolling down and look out for more videos from the conference being released soon...

Introduction to the conference

In this opening introduction video from the '2023 International Property Care Conference', PCA's Steve Hodgson introduces the conference and provides an insight into what the day will hold...

Property Care: Is knowledge and information management the silver bullet?

In this first video, Alan Park (The Housing Ombudsman) takes a look at what has been unquestionably the busiest 12 months in the Housing Ombudsman's history. What steps have they taken to improve the quality of housing and what has been the impact of the events in Rochdale and actions taken since.

The challenges for the private rental sector

Is the issue of dampness more prevalent in private rented properties and what are the challenges of addressing dampness in these buildings? Play the video to watch what Lady Renee Young (HMO Network) has to say.

Could it be 'lifestyle'? Has the balance swung too far?

Since the housing ombudsman report questioned the use of the term 'lifestyle' – James Berry (PCA) takes a considered look a what this means and if sometimes, is it down to the way the building is occupied and the importance of supporting any claim with appropriate diagnostics.

Session 1 Q&A: Do we have a crisis?

Off the back of the presentations from session 1 of the conference, play the video to listen to the Q&A session featuring Alan Park (The Housing Ombudsman), Lady Renee Young (HMO Network), Kwajo Tweneboa (Social housing activist), James Berry (PCA) and Steve Hodgson as the chair.

The property market forecast

Is the housing market at its most uncertain since the 2007-08 crash? With many businesses impacted by the buying and selling of property, in this video presentation,  Kate Faulkner (OBE) provides some insight on what may happen with the property market over the coming months.

The challenges of retrofit 

From a Local Authority perspective, what are the challenges of retrofit? Lady Renee Young from the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, shares the challenges they face in her presentation from the 2023 International Property Care Conference....

Building mental health

In this presentation, Reverend Kevin Fear provides an insight into poor mental health in construction and the impact it has on people within the industry. In addition, he provides guidance on how to support your team in the workplace.

View the pictures from the day

To view the pictures from the day, simply click on the button below. For all those who attended, you may see a picture or two with you in it!

Hopefully, we will see many of you again at next years conference. 

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