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The Amenity Standard is a new initiative from the Amenity Forum.The-Amenity-Standard

The aim of the Standard is to promote ‘Assured weed management practices', akin to the Red Tractor scheme in food and agriculture and tackle the high levels of anxiety and concern about the use of herbicides in public spaces.

In essence, those operating to the Standard and displaying its logo have demonstrated, via independent audit, their adherence to recognised assured standards – the safe, effective and sustainable use of herbicides within an integrated weed management plan.

What’s more is that all PCA Invasive Weed Control Group (IWCG) members already comply!

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PCA recognised for Invasive Weed Management

The Amenity Standard is designed to provide reassurance and is a major step forward in the sector. If operators can demonstrate that they hold the Standard, there can be confidence that processes and products used are safe and meet legal requirements, with staff that are fully trained and certificated.

The PCA is a pioneer member of the Standard for Invasive Weed Managementother organisations have joined covering areas such as sports turf and golf course greenkeepers. More schemes are likely to be added so that all sectors of amenity are covered.

Another ‘feather in the cap’

The Amenity Forum has taken the lead in introducing the UK wide Amenity Standard, highlighting the importance of amenity management and the need to use professionally approved operators in spaces occupied and/or used by the public.

This initiative really is another ‘feather in the cap’ for PCA members and firmly shows a recognised message of assurance regarding the use of herbicides.

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More about the Amenity Standard

Find out more about the Amenity Standard protection by visiting their website.

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For PCA Members Only – Amenity Standard Certificate & Logo

For PCA members who don’t have their Amenity Standard Certificate, authenticating they are a member of a recognised and approved assurance scheme, then please get in touch with the PCA team to arrange your copy.

We can also provide the Amenity Standard logo for you to use in your marketing literature, which is available in both .jpeg and .eps format.

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