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Manufacturer & Distributor Membership Information

A manufacturer/distributor member is a company manufacturing and/or distributing products used by contractors within the damp proofing, timber preservation, structural waterproofing, structural maintenance and flood remediation/protection sectors.

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Companies wishing to apply for membership of the Manufacturer / Distributor section of the Property Care Association must satisfy that the following criteria;

1. All applicants must agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and be familiar with the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

2. All new applicants should demonstrate technical competence
This is required where the supplier of goods is likely to provide advice to clients on the use and application of products that are being offered for sale. Where site evaluation and surveying forms part of the service offered by the supplier, this must be provided by a suitably qualified and experienced member of staff.

3. Insurance
The applicant must demonstrate that the business is suitably insured. Particular emphasis will be placed on Professional Indemnity insurance when advice and site evaluations are provided and on product guarantee insurance where assurances are given on the longevity and efficacy of products or when products are offered with extended product guarantees.

4. Financial Probity
All applicants must prove financial probity. This may be done through the submission of two year’s trading accounts or by the submission of financial statements by an accountant or other recognised independent financial mechanism.

5. Quality Assurance
All products must be sourced or manufactured by companies that operate using a recognised quality control system such as ISO 9001.

6. Product registration and regulation
Companies that supply, manufacture, import or sell Biocidal products must demonstrate that they understand the regulatory controls placed on the supply and use of such products. They must also demonstrate that they have the means and resources to communicate information to customers and consumers.

7. Product Testing and efficacy
Where appropriate, applicants must be able to demonstrate that products placed on the market are fit for purpose and that any claims made can be backed with test data.

8. Customer Services
All applicants must demonstrate a commitment to customer service. Applicants must adopt and operate in accordance with a written complaint’s procedure.

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