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Structural Waterproofing Conference - Video Highlights & Presentations

Following the '2022 International Structural Waterproofing Conference' back in July, we are pleased to share ALL the highlights, knowledge, insights and presentations from the event! For those who were unable to join us, this was our most successful conference to date that you can see for yourself via the 'highlights video'.

The below video resources are a valuable online tool for anyone within, associated with, or wanting to know more about the structural waterproofing sector and we encourage all property & building professionals to embrace this opportunity to learn from the experts featured and to share the learning with your colleague and clients.

BS 8102 was a BIG topic for discussion, however, there were plenty of other topics/issues included that have created 9 hours of high-quality CPD learning that can be watched via this dedicated webpage. 

Hopefully, we will see some of you at the upcoming '2022 International Invasive Weed Conference' on 24th November. For now, scroll down the page to view the presentations from each of the sessions and pictures captured throughout the day...

A brief introduction to Session 1: Podium Decks

James Hockey of Trace Basments, sets the scene for Session 1 on Podium Decks.

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‘Design Challenges of Podium Decks’

Our first presentation from Ben Hickman, CSSW.LONDON focuses on the ‘Design Challenges of Podium Decks’

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‘LABC Warranty Technical Document on Podium Decks’

John Gilbert, LABC Warranty presents the ‘LABC Warranty Technical Document on Podium Decks’

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‘The Advantages, and use, of Electronic Leak Detection Systems?’

What are ‘The Advantages, and use, of Electronic Leak Detection Systems?’ Click on the button below to find out more from Simon Dobson, Buckleys UVRAL Ltd.

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‘Battery Back-up for Basement Pumps’

The first presentation of Session 2: Water Management, was from Ian Davis, PPS, who discusses ‘Battery Back-up for Basement Pumps’

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‘Considerations and designs of external land drainage to protect underground structures’

Steve Wilson, EPG Limited presents ‘Considerations and designs of external land drainage to protect underground structures’

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‘The Impact of Surface Flooding on Basements’

Our final presentation in Session 2 focuses on ‘The Impact of Surface Flooding on Basements’, from Michael Vernon, Peak Waterproofing

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‘Considered Overview of Revision of BS 8102’

The recent release of the revised BS 8102 presented the ideal subject of discussion for the panel debate. PCA’s Technical Manager James Berry provided a ‘Considered Overview of Revision of BS 8102’.

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BS 8102 - Panel Debate

The panel debate followed the presentations to allow those in industry to question a panel, which was comprised almost entirely of members of the 8102 review committee, on the amendments to the document.

Look out for the video which will be coming very soon...



Closing Thoughts

The event was brought to a close by Richard Crossley, Newton Waterproofing, who reflected on the evolution of the structural waterproofing industry, from some of the earliest codes of practice and how we can all change our opinion on best practice. 



View the pictures from the day

To view the pictures from the day, simply click on the button below. For all those who attended, you may see a picture or two with you in it!

Hopefully, we will see many of you again at the forthcoming ‘2022 International Property Care Conference’ in September. To find out more and book your place, click on the button below.

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