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2022 Property Care Conference - Video Highlights

Following the '2022 International Property Care Conference' in September, we are pleased to share the first couple of videos from the event, which will provide many hours of high quality CPD for all. 

These video replay resources currently features the impacts of the 2021 Ombudsman report from the Housing Ombudsman Service and one of the main highlights from the conference...the launch of the 'Joint Position Statement from RICS, Historic England & the PCA'. This collaborative document was a pivotal moment and 'huge news' across the sector. For now, scroll down the page to view the first of the videos... 

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Recent Conference Video:

Emerging insect threats to timber in the UK 

In this video presentation', Nicholas Donnithorne, from Rentokil Property Care, provides an insight into the growing and ever present threat of new alien invasive bugs and fungi that threaten to eat our homes. With a highly engaging mixture of images that you will never have seen before and sounds you have never heard, our friend and highly respected uber-geek, will bring humour and enthusiasm to a presentation that you will remember.

Keynote introduction

PCA CEO Steve Hodgson welcomes and introduces the conference and advises all what to expect over the course of the day and as the replay videos get released.




Launch of the Joint Position Statement 2022

Dr Duncan Philips FRICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), Nicola Lauder MRICS (Historic England) & James Berry (PCA) take to the stage to launch the highly significant and much anticipated joint statement: “Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings - Principles and Competencies”.

For the first time, heritage, surveying and industry have come together and agreed the skills and knowledge on how dampness in traditional buildings should be surveyed, the competencies required in surveyors and contractors, principles around decisions to repair or not to repair, and the methodology that underpins solutions.

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Understanding, Assessing, Reporting & Respecting “Significance” in the Built Environment

Following on from the 'Joint Statement' video release below on assessing moisture within traditional buildings, Prof John Edwards reviews the requirement that surveying, property & building professionals need to consider “significance” when accessing a building. Watch the video to see how this may be considered, recorded, and acted upon.

Damp - it's never user error

The impacts of the Ombudsman report in October 2021, which told building professionals to do better for tenants, is still being digested. The report lays bare the improvements that are needed in the approach, accountability, and quality of damp management in tenanted homes. Significantly it exposes the all-too-common but misplaced assertion that tenants can be blamed for the dampness that blights their lives.

A 'fabric first' approach

With work progressing on the BS 40104, the focus on ensuring buildings are fit to retrofit is growing sharply. This presentation from Professor Richard Fitton, University of Salford, looks in detail at the importance of pre-retrofit evaluation and repair.

Challenges of Retrofitting Timber Buildings

The lowest carbon building is one that has already been built, but what are the challenges involved in refurbishing and retrofitting timber buildings? Dr John Williams of RSK will discuss the methods to appraise and assess structural timber in existing buildings and methods to remediate or strengthen the structural elements using a light-touch approach.

Will flood resilience ever be ‘normalised’?”

The Government have said that they want the provision, offer and delivery of property flood protection to be “normalised“ by 2025. In this presentation, Rob Dakin from AXA Insurance looks at what this means from an insurers perspective. 

Is carbon net zero by 2050 the biggest threat to UK homes since the blitz, or a one-time opportunity to save the planet?

In this short presentation, PCA's CEO Steve Hodgson considers the positive and negative implications of the thermal improvements within buildings and homes, that we will all be tasked with delivering, surveying, and correcting in the years to come, and discusses whether we should embrace or flee from what’s to come.

Innovation Whizz Talks

In these 5 mini presentation sessions at the '2022 International Property Care Conference' we introduce some exciting technologies that are assisting surveyors understand buildings and how innovative companies protect them. Presentations and their speakers include:

  • Thermokil Heat Treatment - Dave Hammond, Thermokil
  • Ground Penetrating Radar - Ross Charters, Complete Preservation Ltd
  • Home Inspection Robot - Russell Rafton, Dryfix Preservation Ltd
  • Dynamic Testing Methodology - Jon Avent, Mann Williams
  • MORI WMF Sub Floor Ventilation Fan - Paul Harrington, Homevent 

More videos will be released soon...

Look out for more videos from the conference being released over the coming weeks/months.  Keep an eye on the PCA Members weekly email or our social media channels for news...

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