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Damp, condensation & mould - the basics

We understand that explaining damp and condensation issues can be daunting and challenging at times. With a multitude of information in government guidance, media and other sources, it can sometimes get confusing. 

We are here to simplify it for you! Scroll down to view the helpful videos. 


What do we mean by damp in homes?

In this video, we take a look at the issue of dampness in homes.  It may be as simple as condensation on windows however, other issues can be more extensive and complex 

To learn more, watch the video.

What is condensation and mould?

Condensation is something which can affect many homes and is the most common form of dampness in our buildings. It is particularly common in homes with poor heating and ventilation which can get worse in the winter months.

To learn more, click to watch the video.


What does condensation and mould looks like?

Condensation and mould can present in different ways within a home. Water on windows and walls is perhaps the most immediate sign of condensation. There are some other additional signs and consequences of excess moisture, condensation & mould which you can learn more about by clicking on the video.

Prevention and control of condensation

In this short video, we take a look at some of the solutions, guidance and tips that you can use and share to help control and prevent condensation (and mould) in the homes.

Watch the video to learn more. Alternatively, there is guidance for professionals and homeowners below.

Guidance for professionals >

Guidance for homeowners >

Interested in watching additional videos on dampness?

Are you wanting to learn more about damp, condensation and mould?  If so, we also have a library of CPD videos for you to watch ‘on-demand. To view the library, click the button below.

View the CPD video library >

Online & classroom training available to help your teams

Along with all the resources above (and further below), there is there is a variety of professional damp, condensation and ventilation based training available.

The PCA is the trade body for the damp control industry and the foremost authority in providing the skills and knowledge regarding damp issues in homes. 

To learn more and to view the available training courses, click on the button below.

Damp, condensation & mould training >

Training and Qualifications - Propectus 1 - Property Care Association

Other sources of information, guidance and advice

For those interested in learning even more, there are free and available source of technical document guidance, professional pages, homeowner guidance pages and videos available for you to view.

Contact us

If you want to contact us regarding any of the content or training options above, feel free to call us on 01480 400000.

Alternatively, you can contact us online.  Simply complete the contact form.

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More about training & qualifications

To find out more about our specialist training and qualifications, visit our main 'training & qualifications' section.

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Find a local & qualified damp specialist

Looking for a bit of support and help? You can always find a local PCA qualified damp specialist near you for guidance. Click on the button below.

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