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PCA’s Residential Ventilation Group

The PCA’s Residential Ventilation Group was created with the aim to provide better advice to homeowners that are experiencing dampness, mould or air quality issues to help improve internal environments, while also helping to ensure that if you do need to speak to a professional, they are appropriately qualified and experienced.

It is a collective initiative of industry professionals that are also PCA members, that work together to help provide direction and a resource for homeowners and encourages them to partner with companies and individuals who specialise in providing the most appropriate and reliable solutions based on good diagnostic investigations and industry best practice.

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Why was the residential ventilation group created?

Moisture held in the air has always been of importance consideration to all surveyors, property and construction professionals alike.  While the ventilation industry has moved a very long way to satisfy the needs of housebuilders, people that have condensation dampness & mould problems in older houses and flats unfortunately still struggle to find practitioners that can provide detailed diagnostic evaluation followed up with accurate advice on improving ventilation.

At the PCA, we believe that the frequency of problems associated with damp and mould resulting from indoor air are set to get much worse. The almost uncontrolled rush in recent years to install insulation quickly, coupled with the drive to eliminate “unwanted drafts” in older buildings is creating a problem within our housing stock. Coupled together with the cost of fuel raising and with the promise of new initiatives to fund retrofit insulation of the horizon, we see the problem of poor internal air quality unfortunately growing.

The benefit of collectively working together

For the first time consumers, landlords and tenants have the opportunity to find residential ventilation specialists that can accurately diagnose the causes of all forms of building dampness and be assured that the products and services they deliver are correct and appropriate for their needs regardless of the cause or nature of the damp problem.

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Residential Ventilation Group - Property Care Association

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Does it sound interesting?  Get involved

If you are a PCA member within the residential ventilation sector and you are interested in getting involved with the work the Residential Ventilation Group does, then we invite you to get involved.  

Simply contact us on 01480 400000 or contact us online using the form.

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