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Building Careers, Building Futures: Supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2024

For those that might be unaware, today is the start to National Apprenticeship Week 2024 (NAW2024) taking place between 5-11 February 2024. 

At the Property Care Association (PCA), we are passionate advocates for apprenticeships. We have several current and past apprentices ourselves and we actively run specialist apprenticeship programs across various sectors.

This week, we are joining the national conversation to celebrate the impact of apprenticeships and to shine a light on the positive impact they can make on both individuals and businesses.

Considering an apprenticeship? Now is a great time to find out more…

For those who have considered an apprenticeship, or considered taking on an apprentice; if there ever was an opportunity to invest a bit of time to find out more…now is that time!  

Whether you are interested in sectors we directly serve or others, the internet is your friend! There is no shortage of apprenticeship information available. In fact, we are pretty sure this week through either social media or email channels, you will see communications regarding the numerous benefits of apprenticeships to both employer and employee.

These communications are a great reminder of the benefits to all. No matter what sector you serve in however, if you are newly thinking about apprenticeships, then a great start location to get a wealth of information is the new national website for apprenticeships.  You will find a wealth of information, guidance and funding details. But they also have a very helpful team you can call or email too.  

Supporting 2024 National Apprenticeship-Week 4 - Property Care Association  Supporting 2024 National Apprenticeship-Week 3 - Property Care Association  Supporting 2024 National Apprenticeship-Week 1 - Property Care Association

Why apprenticeships matter

But why should you consider apprenticeships? As many of our PCA members and the wider construction industry are aware, many of our sectors currently faces significant skill gaps. It is a problem that will only get worse unless we are prepared to consider alternative routes to fill growing demand across various trades.

Apprenticeships can help bridge this gap by providing individuals with on-the-job training, industry recognised qualifications, and valuable work experience. It's a win-win: apprentices gain meaningful careers, and companies build future-ready workforces.

We believe apprenticeships are important for future business success

Going by our personal experience both embracing apprentices and running specialist apprenticeship programmes, it is a very rewarding experience watching candidates grow in confidence and skills to eventually become productive members of staff. 
Just like we've embraced them at the PCA, we encourage our members and the wider industry to do the same. By investing in training tomorrow's workforce, we equip them with the essential skills our many industry sectors desperately need while also preparing businesses for long term success.

We hope you agree and if you do, let’s take the opportunity to find out more and to ask the question…would an apprenticeship work for me?

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