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Why Invasive Weed members should join this month's webinar

As professionals in the field of invasive plant management, it's crucial to stay at the forefront of best practices and industry standards. Join me, as I present in an exclusive members-only webinar where I delve into the importance of meticulous report writing and the stringent standards required for insurance-backed guarantees and meeting Property Care Association (PCA) membership criteria. 

Why this webinar is essential 

In the realm of Japanese Knotweed management, the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your site survey reports and Knotweed Management Plans (KMPs) can significantly impact your professional credibility and legal responsibilities. These documents acts as an anchor, outlining the expectations of the client and contractor. This webinar will provide you with critical insights into the required standards that ensure your reports not only meet but exceed industry expectations. 

Key topics to be covered 

1. Mandatory Elements of Site Survey Reports and KMPs 

  • Learn the critical components that every report must include, such as clear client instructions, detailed site observations, biosecurity measures, and remediation recommendations
  • Understand other sections of reports writing like integrated plant management which help us comply with other legislation
  • Discuss the various management approaches and the necessity of transparent communication regarding the pros and cons of each method.

2. Legal and Professional Standards 

  • Discover the implications of poor report writing and how a good report acts as a document for accountability between you and your client.

3. Insurance-Backed Guarantees 

  • Gain insights into the intricacies of offering insurance-backed guarantees, the importance of clear and detailed documentation, and how to have a better opportunity of ensuring your reports are approved by QANW.

4. Meeting Membership Criteria 

  • Understand the standards set by the Property Care Association (PCA) and how adhering to these guidelines can enhance your professional standing and client trust.

5. Continual Learning 

  • Learn the importance of continuous updates and how maintaining clear, updated records can improve client relations and project outcomes
  • Understand how a report template could be used to adapt into other invasive non-native plants beyond Japanese Knotweed. 

Who should attend? 

This webinar is designed for PCA invasive weed surveyors, contractors, and any professionals involved in the management of Japanese Knotweed and other non-native invasive plants. Whether you are preparing for the CSJK certification or looking to refine your report-writing skills, this session will provide valuable guidance and practical tips.

Webinar details 

Date: 27 June 2024

Time: 9.00am

Platform: Online

Register now and don't miss this opportunity to enhance your professional skills or simply have a refresher session and ensure your reports meet the highest standards.

Register here



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