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Rising damp explained

There is a lot of discussion about rising damp damp regarding what it is, misdiagnosis, and whether it even exists.  To help answer some of these questions, click on the video and watch Graham Coleman from the PCA Technical Panel explain what exactly rising damp is?  

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How to avoid misdiagnoses

Rising damp is a commonly encountered problem in some types of building, however it can be misdiagnosed by untrained professionals. Water that enters or affects a building through any other route can move about in various ways, but this is not rising damp.

It is important to understand the signs of rising damp - dampness in your home is not always rising damp. There may be another source of water entering the building.

This is where it is important to seek the help and advice of a specialist surveyor to undertake the necessary diagnostic works in relation to the damp in your home.

Rising damp on internal wall cornor - Property Care Association

Signs of Rising Damp

Common signs of walls affected by rising damp can include: 

  • Decayed skirting boards
  • Crumbling or salt stained plaster, discolouration and staining
  • Decayed timber floors
  • Peeling paint and wallpaper

These defects are not always evident but when they are, a specialist inspection is always recommended. 

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What does rising damp look like

Pictures and descriptions to help you understand or recognise if you have an issue

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Rising damp treatment

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Rising damp treatment

Learn more about how to treat a rising damp problem

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Rising Damp guidance for professionals

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