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For home and property owners looking for help, advice and guidance regarding property problems or issues within the sectors the PCA covers, simply keep scrolling for information about the particular issue that is affecting you.  

Within each of the sections, you will find help identifying issues, potential problems it can cause, helpful videos and downloadable guides... and of course...guidance and best practice to how to prevent, treat or repair your particular issue.  Always remember though, if you do want some help and guidance, you can reach out to a PCA member that’s local to you.

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Damp proofing

Damp problems affect many thousands of UK properties each year. For the many homes and properties affected by damp, more often than not, unless some form of remedial damp control or treatment is applied these damp issues tend to gradually get worse over time.

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Condensation & Mould

Known to be the most common cause of damp problems in the UK, if condensation is allowed to build up, then over time you may begin to notice persistent damp stains, degradation of finish and potentially decay to timber elements in the property alongside the appearance of mould.There are a variety of reasons condensation occurs, but most condensation issues are caused by a lack of ventilation in the property

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Rising Damp

Rising damp is water that has been drawn up through brickwork by what is known as capillary action. Find out what it looks like, the potential causes and what you can do about it.

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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp, or rain water ingress, is used to describe damp that is coming through the building. Penetrating damp is normally the result of faults in brickwork, roof tiles or window frames. 

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Dry Rot

Dry rot can rapidly destroy timbers and building fabrics, leaving owners with extensive repairs that result in significant disturbance.  Find out more regarding the root causes, the early signs on how to identify it, the potential damage it can do and what you need to consider to treat it.

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Wet Rot

Wet rot is a fairly common issue in many properties.  It will affect almost any wooden object that is allowed to become excessively wet for a reasonable period of time. Whilst less than a problem than dry rot, wet rot can still cause serious structural damage to timber(s) if ignored. Find out how you can spot it and what you have to consider to treat it

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What exactly is Woodworm and what are the potential problems these little wood bores can cause? Learn how to identify them, understand the signs of how to spot them and what is involved if you need to treat your property for Woodworm

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Basement Waterproofing

Converting a basement or cellar into a useable room is now very common, especially in cities. If this is something you are thinking about, one of the first considerations should be how do you manage and keep water out of this below ground structure?  Find out what exactly basement waterproofing is, what your waterproofing options are, some useful considerations and where you can find reputable and qualified contractors.

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Invasive Plants & Weeds

Invasive weeds & plants have been a part of our landscape and urban areas for a long time.  Undoubtedly, some are more notorious than others such as Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed.  Find out more about some of the more damaging invasive plants and weeds, how you can spot them and what you can do if you come across them.

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Ground Gas Protection

Ground gas is a growing problem. The pressure to develop land that could potentially be affected by ground gas is increasing. In addition, homeowner awareness to ground gas awareness is also becoming more apparent. As a result, the number of sites where ground gas investigation and the provision of reliable protection solutions grows. But what exactly is Ground Gas and how can it affect me and my property?

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Be sure to find the best - use a PCA member

The Property Care Association (PCA) represents more than just a Logo at the bottom of our members’ paperwork! We are here to give peace of mind by ensuring your property specialist is well trained and will deliver a high quality service.

All members of the PCA are audited and checked regularly to ensure they are meeting our expected standards, they have the appropriate training to allow them to carry the PCA badge and are up to date with the latest industry developments. We protect our name and logo against misuse and we work with members and consumers to resolve any conflict. 

So what difference does the PCA make – well if peace of mind has a value, then quite a lot!

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Property Repair Guarantees

The guarantees PCA members can offer to give you 'peace of mind' AFTER your remedial work is complete.

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PCA Promise

Our PCA Remedial Work Promise to homeowners WHILE WORKS TAKE PLACE at your property. Extra re-assurance & 'peace of mind'.

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Trustmark Protection

Because of the high standards of service and quality that is expected from PCA members, all PCA contractor members have Government's TrustMark accreditation.

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