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Tell-Tale Signs of Woodworm

For many homeowners, it is understandable if you are unsure whether you have a possible woodworm issue or not. Spotting the woodworm beetles is hard enough, never mind the larvae that actually causes the damage.  

To help the many property owners identify if you do have a possible woodworm issue, we have pulled together a guide below of the typical ‘tell tale’ signs you can look out for.  If you do recognise these signs, we would suggest you consult a qualified timber preservation specialist.

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Tell tale sign 1 - Small round exit holes

Look out for holes within, or crumbly edges to the woodwork/timber.  These holes are approx 2mm in width and can look like holes made within a dart board. 

Signs of Woodworm - Small Exit Holes - PCA

Tell tale sign 2 - Fine, powdery dust

If you spot fine powdery dust, also known as ‘frass’ (the insects excreta), around or near exit holes, this again could be a sign there is active woodworm issue within your property. 

Signs of Woodworm - Frass - PCA

Tell tale sign 3 - Dead beetles

Should you notice dead beetles in/close to the holes in the timber then chances are you have a woodworm issue.

The dead woodworm beetles however, may be a sign that the woodworm is inactive and indicates a previous infestation. Either way, it is best to get the issue assessed. 

Dead woodworm beetles - signs of woodworm - Property Care Association

How do I treat the problem?

Steps must be taken before decisions are made to treat a woodworm issue. Establishing for example, whether a woodworm issue is active or historic can influence the treatment and remedial repairs needed. Infested timbers need to be thoroughly investigated to justify any form of treatment (if any is needed at all).

If you are unsure, we would strongly suggest you organise a professional and competent surveyor (such as those with the CSRT or CSTDB qualifications) to assess the condition of the infested timber, the type and accessibility of the woodworm attack and the risks and hazards associated with any work that is to be recommended.

To find a qualified surveyor near you, you can use the local search functionality below.  However, for those that are interested in learning more about treating woodworm, click on the button below

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