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2014 Conference, AGM and Award’s Dinner!

2014 Conference, AGM and Award’s Dinner!


The PCA team are delighted to announce the resounding success of the 2014 Conference, AGM and Award’s Dinner. Our annual events have gone from ‘strength to strength’ over the last few years, with this year’s event held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, the most successful so far. Attendance across the whole day was at record levels and feedback shows attendee’s expectations were far exceeded.

The PCA 2014 Conference

The morning started with our conference, incorporating five speakers who provided everyone with lots to think about:

Chris Netherton from The National Flood School
Chris Netherton kicked off the conference with an interesting presentation on flooding. He discussed the types of flood waters than can affect properties, the significant number of parties involved in the clean up process after a property has been affected, resistant and resilient reinstatement and gave an introduction to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Chris Netherton

Douglas Kent from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)
Douglas Kent discussed building conservation and remedial treatments and whether he believed there to be a conflict. Douglas talked through why SPAB exists and the approach and technical guidance they offer, discussing a Conservation approach to conservative repair and the importance of staying true to the original state of a building, not an ideal state. 

Douglas Kent

 Glen Wilson from Munters Air Treatments
Glen Wilson introduced us to Munters Air Treatments who are experts in moisture management. He discussed the effects of humidity, sources of moisture, the methods of dehumidification and ran through a couple of applications and case studies. Glen raised some interest from members of the audience who had no previous experience of desiccant dehumidification and how this technology can be applied to the domestic market to solve moisture issues

Glen Wilson

Professor Naresh Magan from Cranfield University
Professor Magan delivered a very interesting presentation, put together with Dr David Aldred, on mould and the work being undertaken at Cranfield University. He looked at the impact of mould in buildings, key environmental factors in the built environment, ecology of mould in buildings, including the role of relative humidity, temperature and condensation and some examples of moulds and toxins and their impact on health.

Professor Magan

Tim Blackman from Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)
The CITB who helped sponsor the conference delivered a short presentation on the work that is being done at the CITB and the opportunities available for our members who fall inside the scope of the CITB. Tim talked about Specialist Federation Support, Special Projects and Developments Team and The National Specialist Accreditation Centre, demonstrating the training opportunities available for members which the CITB can help and support.

Tim Blackman

GPT and PCA AGM Meetings

After a buffet lunch, the official AGM’s for both GPT and PCA were held. The main items on the agenda were the election and re-election of board members. The GPT board was re-elected and will continue in the same form as 2013.

Following the PCA AGM, we are delighted to announce that Dave Cook, Managing Director of Cook Group Ltd based in East Yorkshire, was elected as a new Board Member. Dave has been an Examiner for the CSRT & CSSW for the last few years and feels he would like to help the PCA to make the industry and qualifications (Surveyors and Technicians) more credible to the rest of the construction sector, in particular other professional organisations.

The PCA Annual Awards Dinner 2014

After all the hard work was done, it was time to relax and enjoy a delicious meal, some great entertainment and of course the much anticipated Awards…..

The evening commenced with a Samurai enactment in the oriental gallery, followed by a delicious three course dinner and an engaging and motivational speech from Simon Mason, an Olympic athlete. The Award’s Ceremony then followed.

Student of the Year Awards

Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT)

CSRT Student of the year

Winner – Pam Weatherhead
from Damptec Systems Limited based in Chesterfield. 

 The award was presented by Kevin Dodds of Triton Systems and Janice Carey, Chief Examiner for CSRT and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

 Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW)

CSSW Student of the year

Winner – Bruce Madden
from Stonehouse Property Care based in Henley on Thames. 

 The award was presented by David Symes of Delta Membrane Systems, Graham Coleman, Chief Examiner for CSSW together with Phil Hewitt and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

 Technician of the Year

Technician of the year

 Winner – Simon Colderick
from Complete Preservation based in Wiltshire.

 The award was sponsored by Stallard Kane and presented by Peter Macdonald, Regional Support Officer and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

 Property Care Association Awards

 Training & Staff Development


 Winner – South East Timber & Damp
Accepted by Dean and Annabelle Webster.

 The award was sponsored by CITB and presented by Gerald Kelly from the CITB and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

Innovation & Sustainability


Winner – Wise Property Care
Accepted by Les Meikle  The award was sponsored by Shepherd PR 

 Presented by Jane Shepherd of Shepherd PR and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.


 Highly Commended – The Cook Group
Accepted by Dave Cook.

 Presented by Jane Shepherd of Shepherd PR and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

 Project of the Year


Winner – Trace Remedial Building Services
Accepted by David and James Hockey. 

 The award was sponsored by PAGeotechnical and presented by Peter Atchinson of PAGeotechnical and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

 Contractor of the Year


Winner – Brick Tie Limited
Accepted by Bryan and Julie Hindle. 

 The Award was sponsored by Pamties and presented by Paul Hughes of Pamties, Peter Macdonald, Regional Support Officer and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.
Best New Member Application


Joint Winners – TP Knotweed
Unfortunately they were unable to attend the event.


Joint Winners – Environmental Reclamations Services 

 Accepted by Alison Bunch and Iain MacKay. Presented by Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.

 Employee of of the Year


Winner – Fraser Rafton
from Dryfix Preservation. 

 The Award was sponsored by Safeguard and presented by Hudson Lambert of Safeguard and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.


 Runner Up – Gary Moody
from Shaw Preservation

 Presented by Hudson Lambert of Safeguard and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA, pictured with Jacki Shaw from Shaw Preservation.


Runner Up – Dereck Padgett
from Multiskill 

 Accepted on Dereck’s behalf by David Sharpe from Multiskill
Presented by Hudson Lambert of Safeguard and Steve Hodgson, CEO of the PCA.
We also had the privilege of presenting two Honorary Memberships to Phil Hewitt and Bill Muir.


Phill Hewitt with Steve Hodgson from the PCA 

 Phil has devoted the last 30 years to Waterproofing and has become highly respected as the Waterproofing Industry expert and Consultant. He developed his 3 day training course in the 1990s and is probably responsible for training most of the Industry. Phil was involved in the 2009 re-write of the BS8102 standard and was Instigator of the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing exams in 2003.


Bill Muir with Steve Hodgson and Mike Bromley from the PCA. 

 Bill has over 50 years’ service to the remedial & preservation industry. He recounts his surveyor training from the famous Dr Norman Hickin as one of life’s highlights. Bill introduced Timber and Dampness training at Telford College and brought the BWPDA exam system to a Scottish venue and trained many surveyors in Scotland in the 80’s and early 90’s.  He still carries out the occasional inspection today.

Charity Raffle

We are absolutely delighted to announce that this year’s charity raffle raised a record £1,800. This will be donated to The Sick Children’s Trust in Cambridge to help fund the cost of running a family room, so families of sick children can really have one less thing to worry about. The amount we raised will enable them to run a family room for two whole months.

All the pictures from the day are now available on flickr. Just visit Flickr to view all the photographs from the day.



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