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Reflecting on the PCA’s vision

The Property Care Association (PCA) will be celebrating its 95th anniversary next year and as we head towards our centenary, this is an excellent opportunity to take stock and discuss the association’s direction of travel. 

Growth over the years

Since our origins as the British Wood Preserving Association (BWPA) in 1930, our remit has grown. We now represent a wide variety of members who operate in specialist sectors across the built and natural environment. This includes damp and timber sector members whom we have represented for almost 100 years, as well as sectors such as invasive weeds and spray foam surveyors, who have joined us recently. 

Whichever sector, or sectors, you work in, we know that you value the technical support and advice we offer you and your teams.

However there is much more that brings us together, than sets us apart. 

Looking forward

At our recent member roadshows, you told us that attracting new recruits into the industry and encouraging a long-term career in the sectors we represent, should be a priority. So too should helping you to grow and develop your business and ensure the business environment you operate in, is easy to navigate.

In late April, we brought together the Board and senior members of the executive team, to discuss your feedback from our roadshows, and where we would like to see the PCA develop in future. Encouragingly, our research showed us that over 70% of you are engaging with the PCA’s activities on a regular basis. This shows us that there is lots we are getting right, and we shouldn’t stray too far from what we know we are doing well. 

Over the summer months, we will be sharing our draft mission and vision with you for feedback. After being approved by Board, this will be followed later in the year with a strategic plan: setting out the areas we will be focusing our efforts on from 2025.

A clear business plan will ensure Board, members and staff, are all travelling in the same direction: prioritising activities which move us closer to a clear goal.

This structure will also provide members with a way to hold us to account and give clear oversight of why we are undertaking activities, how they support our overall mission and vision and ultimately what the benefit will be for all of our members. 



Robert Newman

Is it not time that the PCA stopped empire building and looked after the members? The amount of assets cash and profit for a not for profit company is rather eye watering.

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