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Why attend the Structural Waterproofing Conference

With the introduction of the Building Safety Act in 2022 the Property Care Association (PCA) has seen (since our last conference) changes to legal and professional standards for the membership across all of our industry sectors when it comes to the construction, maintenance and health of the UK built environment. 

The PCA with its ethos for learning, elevating and sharing industry knowledge is inviting you to attend this year’s Structural Waterproofing Conference being held at the Telford International Centre on the 19th of September 2024. The aim of the conference is to enable you to promote your business to be positioned at the leading edge of your industry.

So why attend the conference?

Industry professionals, manufacturers and suppliers will bring to your attention the changes that have occurred since our last conference in 2023. It will also highlight the impacts of these changes on our industry now and what needs to be done to future proof our businesses.

Domestic and existing basements are very much back on the programme. This year's conference introduces case studies and new training programmes which will show how competency in construction of these underground structures can be successfully achieved leading to building regulation approval.

Future thinking

Climate change continues to affect the built in environment. Water, the necessary of life is essential to all, but if not effectively managed environmentally it can have devastating effects to both property and the property owner. British standards will later this year publish a new guidance standard for flood resilience and therefore an entire session is dedicated to flood management, recovery of property and limitation of damage for future potential events.

Be a part of raising standards

There is so much happening at this year's conference on and off the stage and therefore should not be missed. It is your conference. It is also an opportunity through this forum to express your professional standards to the PCA and your sector colleagues to enable us to raise and promote better construction standards within our industry sectors and for the consumer. 

This will be my first waterproofing conference as part of the PCA team and I look forward to seeing you in Telford. But in the meantime we have the Structural Waterproofing Group (SWG) meeting coming up on the 4 July. This is a member only steering group for the sector and if you would like to attend please email [email protected]. Topics for discussion will include:

  • CSSW Examination Questions
  • Structural Waterproofing  Training Module
  • Flood Resilience
  • Level Thresholds

We look forward to seing you there

For more information about the Structural Waterproofing Conference 2024 and to view the full programme, click the button below.

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