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Non Native Weeds & Plants - Practical Management Book

For all those in the field of dealing with and managing non native and invasive weeds & plants in the UK & Ireland, the "Non Native Weeds & Plants - Practical Management Book" is a manual for their prevention, rapid response and control of non-native plants and weeds.

This manual, aimed at professionals involved in dealing with invasive weed species, brings together for the first time essential information required to manage non-horticultural and non-agricultural invasive weeds.

Order the Book - Non Native Weeds & Plants - Practical Management Book

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What to expect from the Non Native Weeds manual

Within the book, you will find advice that involves immediate ‘rapid-response’ actions to initiate containment along with preventative strategies, control measures and monitoring requirements post-control.

The practical management book responds to the GB Non-native Species Strategy and deals with 38 species that have been selected from:

  • Plants listed on Schedule 9 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) for the UK;
  • Invasive alien species of EU concern (as per EU IAS Regulation 1143/2014);
  • ...and other noteworthy species of the urban environment, for example butterfly bush (buddleia).

The information to expect from the management book

For each featured species, the manual includes*:

  • a brief description on ecology and identification with corresponding photographs
  • a distribution map for the British and Irish Isles
  • immediate actions that can be taken once identified
  • pathways of spread
  • lifespan
  • seed production age and seed longevity
  • growth rate
  • life cycle schematic to assist determination of survey and treatment schedules
  • prevention and rapid response measures
  • a control and management table linked to a decision-making flow diagram
  • waste disposal
  • revegetation post-management and monitoring requirements

How to order a copy of the book

The cost of the Practical Management Book is £35 if ordered using the PCA order form. You can however, oder the book from sources such as Amazon for about £40  

To order a copy of the book, you can either order direct via the PCA by simply DOWNLOADING AN ORDER FORM, completing it and returning it directly to Packard Publishing Ltd (by post to: 14 Guilden Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 7LA. You can also email them the completed form at: [email protected].

£35 - PCA Order Form >> 

£40 - Order from Amazon >>

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