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Cavity Wall Tie Repair or Replacement

Metal wall ties have been used for well over a century to provide strength and stability to cavity wall construction. The two leaves of a structure are relatively flimsy until they are bonded together using wall ties. The cavities between the two leaves of masonry provide an effective barrier to water penetration and also acts as an insulation layer for the building.

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When things go wrong with cavity wall ties

In some circumstances where steel or iron wall ties have been incorporated into a structure, they can be susceptible to corrosion. The corrosion process causes the metal to expand, and lose strength while reducing the bond strength between the tie and the mortar embedment. 

Corrosion in the metal wall ties can also lead to cracking in bed joints. This can be symptomatic of a loss of structural stability and an acceleration of the corrosion process as water enters the crack.  

Investigating cavity wall ties

Investigations to assess the condition of cavity wall ties is a specialist job and should only be undertaken by skilled experienced professionals that have the tools, skills to understand the construction, and implications of observations and can determine appropriate repair strategies.

New wall ties can be installed to restore or improve the structural stability of cavity walls weakened as a result of wall tie corrosion, while measures may also be needed to ensure the old corroding wall ties are removed from the structure or treated in a way to prevent any future problems associated with there deterioration. 

Corrosion, a lack of ties or incorrectly positioned and embedded cavity wall ties are all commonly encountered in walls built with cavities.  In all situations though, the skill, experience and knowledge of the investigation is key to both competent diagnosis and the formulation of a specification for repairs that can be relied upon. 

The execution of wall tie replacement is also highly specialised and should only be undertaken by skilled technicians that fully understand the critical nature of the work they are undertaking. 

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