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Thank you Steve

In Steve Hodgson's last week with the PCA, past and present Chairs of the PCA Board share their memories of working with Steve, his contribution and dedication to both the Association and its members over the past twenty four years. 

All the best in with your future endeavours Steve, and keep scrolling down to hear and read the testimonials...

Hudson Lambert

"The journey that the PCA has been on since Steve took charge is a tribute to his leadership. The organisation is financially in a much stronger position due to an expanded membership base, and a reliable stream of income from training courses. Whilst our historic focus on dampness and timber decay in buildings is probably more relevant than ever, we can now claim to  fully live up to the “Property Care” name, having become a centre of excellence in basement waterproofing, mechanical ventilation, invasive plants, and flood protection. Furthermore, Steve has led the way in establishing deeper relationships with other organisations and Government bodies, expanding our influence in the industry.

Steve was a pleasure to work with, and I wish him the best of luck with his future career."

Ben Hickman

"Steve...we first met in 2010 when I applied to join the PCA. You travelled to Manchester, did an audit, pointed out a lot of omissions and problems and told me I wasn’t ready to be accepted into membership (which was absolutely the right thing to do). You did it in a kind and encouraging way that upheld the PCA’s standing and made me want to improve. This is just a tiny example of how, for 23 years, you’ve nudged, shoved and cagoled the industry in the right direction. I respect your vision and your passion and your drive to do the best for the PCA and the industry at large.

You gave the board a full year to find your replacement and that was an amazing demonstration of the way you’ve sought the best interests of the PCA and you now leave it in a wonderful, healthy position - thank you for your service and the success you've generated. I wish you all the very best on this next adventure!"

Andrew Bradshaw

"When I first met Steve, he was the technical officer with the BWPDA, and from the outset it was obvious he had a vision of where he would like the Association to be. It is an absolute credit to him and his leadership that the Association is where it is today, he must be very proud of what he has achieved. He has definitely left some big shoes to fill.

I wish Steve every success in the future, and it has been a pleasure working with him over the years, and I know we’ll stay in touch."

John Bradley

"I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Steve for several years as a board member, the last 3 as Chairman. In any organisation the relationship between the CEO and the Chairman must be a good, open and frank one where mutual trust and respect exists between the two. From my perspective, this was certainly the case and I’d hope Steve felt the same. 

I very much enjoyed working with Steve, learned a lot from him and now count him as a friend. His passion, drive, deep understanding of our members needs and expectations, his wide-ranging technical knowledge and experience and his sometimes unique but effective approach to things, have all played a part in getting the PCA to where it is today. 

Whatever Steve does in the future, I have no doubt he’ll excel at it. Just as he did for us in the PCA. I wish Steve the very best in whatever he does next."

And there's more...

Many PCA members will be aware that Sue Uttridge is retiring at the end of the year too. A few of our members, together with the PCA Team, recorded their thoughts and memories of both Steve and Sue that we shared at the Best Practice Awards dinner in July. 

Please join us in wishing them both well, and for all those who were unable to join us at the awards event, click on the video below to listen to what people had to say...



Gordon Robb ODC Ltd

Always found him the most down to earth person although he is still here, found him the most easy to talk too and usually always had the answer to help you out. Just liked his way he spoke to you and put you at ease. Best regards to you and your family for the future whatever you do. Best to all at P.C.A.

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