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Regional Meetings wrap up

Just before Easter we concluded the Spring round of regional meetings in Stirling and Manchester. For many this was the first opportunity to meet Chief Executive Sarah Garry in person. On the whole, the events were well attended and the level of engagement was fantastic particularly during the PCA update.

Meeting recap

The regionals have provided an essential platform for members to engage with the association, ensuring there is an opportunity to review the decisions, projects and initiatives that are being pursued by the PCA. Whilst a few of the venues have changed along the way, the format of these meetings has remained roughly the same for some time. 

We had a great programme and we were pleased to welcome representatives from Stallard Kane and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to discuss changes in employment law and opportunities for training funding respectively. Going forward and where possible we will look to encourage some of our strategic partners to continue to attend these meeting to answer any questions you may have about CITB funding, HR or Health and Safety matters.

However with the change in senior management we took the opportunity to discuss the future format of these meetings. It is clear that you still consider these meetings valuable, which provide topical updates and the opportunity to network with peers within the industry. With some minor tweaks, including bacon butties and potentially running these events more frequently and at different times of the year, the general feedback was you would like to see them continue. If you weren’t at the meeting however and are still keen to have your say on what you would like the regional meetings to look like, then we would love to hear from you. Please email James on [email protected].

Feedback for the future

In terms of what you would like to see from the Association going forward, some of your suggestions included: 

  • National and regional charity events 
  • More guidance for older / listed buildings 
  • Steps to encourage more talent into the industry – Interaction with schools / university leavers etc
  • Sending the weekly newsletter on an alternative day to ensure you don't miss it - Friday's are a busy day for many!
  • Commercial waterproofing.

Thank you

We would like to thank everybody who attended and contributed. Hopefully you will have seen Lisa's follow up email and information shared at these meetings (Stallard Kane and CITB documentation) and if not, or if you have any questions or want to provide any feedback, then just let us know. Please email James on [email protected] or Lisa on [email protected].

What's coming up

Whilst our next round of meetings are typically not until the autumn, there are many other opportunities for you to engage with us, such as:



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