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Sprayed Polyurethane foam still a dilemma for surveyors and homeowners

A couple of weeks ago the PCA ran a workshop that looked at the singular topic of sprayed polyurethane foam in timber roofs

We were very pleased to welcome a group of 16 to the event. Half the attendees were PCA members (mostly surveyors and contractor). Chartered surveyors, independent property experts, representatives of surveying institutions and heritage organisations made up the rest of the delegates. We also welcomed an individual from a spray foam supplier. 

Sharing the knowledge…helping homeowners

The day went well and the feedback from those who attended was overwhelmingly positive. From the Association's point of view, we were delighted to start sharing the knowledge we have gained on the subject and to start building a group of people that we can point to when homeowners that are struggling with the issue come to us for advice and practical assistance.

Sprayed foam related enquiries happening daily

Calls and messages continue to reach the PCA office on an almost daily basis. We try to offer assistance where we can, but it seems clear that the mess caused by a combination of poor practice, misunderstood technologies, lender misgivings, worries about liabilities and a lack of undisputed information (all set against a background of emerging defects) is far from being resolved. 

Requests to re-run the workshop

We have received a number of requests to rerun the event. In response to these requests from members, we have scheduled the next PU foam workshop for the 25th Jan 2024. 

As with the first event, places will be limited. So, if you are interested, give us a call on 01480 400000 and reserve a spot. Alternatively, to find out more about the workshop, click to visit the webpage.

Thanks to all that came to the 1st workshop

Thank you to all those who attended the first workshop, and a special thank you to all of those that posted such kind reviews of the event on various social platforms.  We hope the knowledge passed on will be of benefit to you and your team.  

Learn more about the workshop >

Learn more about sprayed foam in roofs >



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