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Evaluating Sprayed Polyurethane Foam in Domestic Roofs

Sprayed polyurethane (PU) foam insulation applied to the sloping pitches of domestic roof voids is something which has been applied to many homes within the UK for several decades. But with lenders, insurers and building surveyors becoming increasingly concerned about the potential long-term impact of poorly applied foams, how do we assess and provide the correct recommendations?

This one day workshop is structured to give insight and provide guidance to help you identify, evaluate and recommend appropriate actions when you come across the issue.

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Who is this spray foam workshop for?

This one day workshop is aimed at PCA members, building surveyors and property experts who wish to provide guidance and recommendations where PU foam has been applied to domestic roofs.

Structure of the workshop

This one day workshop will be split into six separate, but related sessions. They include the following: 

Session 1 – Background and history
  • The history and process of PU foam in existing pitched roofs in the UK including bonding & stabilisation as well as thermal performance
  • Properties of commonly encountered sprayed PU foams, i.e open cell soft foams and closed cell hard foams
  • Sales, promotion, supply and install
Session 2 – Review of documentation and guidance
Session 3 – Importance of roof construction, underlays sarking and ventilation
  • Consider pitched roof construction
  • The characteristics of felts, underlays and sarking
  • Atmospheric moisture loading
  • Warm roof, cold roofs and ventilation
  • The significance vapour control layers and insulation at ceiling level
Session 4 – A compliant installation
  • Using information from the previous sessions the workshop will consider how to examine an installation for compliance with manufacturer best practice and the requirements of the third party product approvals.
  • Consider the risk associated with variation and deviation from best practice and the requirements of the third party product approvals
  • Consider the hazards risk and possible consequences that are associated with defect and divergence from the above.
Session 5 – Modes of failure
  • Surface and interstitial condensation
  • Rainwater ingress
  • Timber decay and the implication of the foam on treatment, inspection repair and maintenance
  • Thermal performance gap/continuity and thickness
Session 6 – Reporting and recommendations
  • Observations, limitations and further investigation
  • Remedial actions and there implications from removal, waste disposal, damage to recycling/reuse
  • Liabilities and responsibilities

Benefits of the workshop

At the end of this workshop, attendees should leave being able to:

  • Identify the type of foam present and report of its primary function
  • Evaluate PU installations and understand moisture risk
  • Provide opinion of the most appropriate cause of action

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