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Your updated PCA members area

This week, your Association launched its updated members area. This new space has been designed to give you, our members, access to member only content, resources and tools which we hope will benefit you. 

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What’s new in the member's area

So, what’s new within your member's area? Well, along with a new look and design, we have drawn in functions and content that we feel will be helpful and useful to you.

Starting off, you now have predominant gateways to QANW for your insurance back guarantees, the ability to manage and optimise your TrustMark listing (a free benefit of being a PCA member) and access to the wide range of crucial services through the ‘Business Shield’ portal.

You also now have the ability to view member only surveying guidance, model guarantees, critical articles and memorandums of the association, a library of recorded meeting minutes from your PCA board, AGM or sector based meetings…as well as a variety of other document downloads.

 Members-area-1-430by237pix      Members-area-2

There are of course elements that you may have seen on the old members area that have been drawn into this refreshed one, including direct contact details to reach specific PCA teams, social streams and other support links that we felt would be useful to you.

For 'main contacts' at a members' company

For those individuals logging in who are considered ‘main contacts’ for the member company (principally company owners and senior members of staff), you now have access to tools beyond the regular logged-in user. This includes:

  • Seeing the information the Association holds about you and your company
  • The ability to edit your company information and details on the local member search
  • For those with enhanced listings, the ability to edit content, links, logo
  • Options for purchasing postcodes to extend your brand beyond your local geographical area
  • The ability to control the users who can access your member's area as well as the option to add your employee/surveyor details to allow them to access
  • Simple way of submitting your vacancies for display on your PCA website

Members-area-company-profile    Members-area-purchased-postcodes

How you can gain access

Now that you know a bit more about the changes, how do you gain access?

Well, to start, simply go to the ‘login in’ page via the button below or at the top of your main PCA website. For those who already know their username and password, it is just a case of ‘signing in’.

For those that know their main username/email but don’t know their password, there is a link to ‘reset your password’ within the ‘login’ screen. Click this link and follow the instructions. If the email you have typed into the ‘password reset’ function exists within our PCA database, you will receive an automated email to your inbox with a link to change your password (remember to check your spam folder).

If however, you simply have ‘no clue’ what your username and password might be and you're struggling to access, you can contact your PCA team to find out if there is a personal or company account/login for you within our internal database that will allow you access.

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Improvements to follow

As with most new pieces of digital technology, and we gradually receive feedback and suggested improvement, your new members area will evolve and develop over time with a few improvements to follow.

One of these improvements is the stats from local member searches. This was something we were hoping to have within this launch. However, with the roll out of Google Analytics 4, there needs to be more time to understand how this new Analytics tool works, and how the data for searches you appear in can flow to your personal members area profile. This is something that will take a while to figure out and understand.

Secondly, there will be a new CPD tool for members in the coming months which will allow you to participate in the PCA CPD scheme, enabling you to record your personal CPD for those all important points.This is a tool that will be particularly useful to individuals registered as a ‘Waterproofing Design Specialist’.

Any problems, comments or feedback…give me a call

As always, we are very much open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. After all…this is YOUR member area.

If you do have feedback back or you're having problems, I am happy to help. Simply email me at [email protected] or alternatively, contact me on 07379 267040. Hopefully your experience within your members area is positive and we will certainly keep you posted on future updates.



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