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Why we entered the PCA Best Practice Awards

With less than four weeks to go until entries for the PCA Best Practice Awards closes, Tom White from Southwest Knotweed, explains why they entered for the first-time last year in this latest blog.

If you have yet to submit your awards entry/entries, the deadline of 20 May 2024 is fast approaching, so to be in it, to win it, click below. To read why Southwest Knotweed entered, check out what their winning entries meant to them. 

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What prompted us to enter

As a company we pride ourselves on being professional in everything we do and after several years of growth, expansion and rebranding, we wanted a way to quantify what we had achieved. 

The PCA Best Practice Awards gave us the opportunity to demonstrate to a governing body what we have achieved and essentially add validation to what we felt to be the case. Moreover however, we wanted to demonstrate to our customers and clients the high standards of our company with the hopeful success of our entry.  

Our proud award achievements in 2023 

Off the back of our entries in 2023, as well as winning the PCA contractor of the year award, we also received a high commendation for our newly redesigned website and branding. Very proudly, my brother, Alex White, also achieved being named Technician of the year.

Since achieving this milestone, Alex has further enhanced his qualifications by completing his Certificated Surveyor of Japanese Knotweed certification. Winning the Technician of the Year award has undoubtedly bolstered his confidence, propelling him towards advancement to the next level. It has been an immensely enriching journey and we aspire to sustain our momentum in development and growth.

For all the awards we were recognised in, it was an honour to be acknowledged and we feel it gives the firm an excellent posture, which means we can be confident whenever and wherever our expertise is required.

The other benefits of winning

Being recognised however, did not just benefit us internally. Receiving these awards gives us the additional credibility and unique selling point (USP) that allows customers to feel confident in using our services. This is especially important with regards to invasive plant species remediation, where customers are often committing to a long-term management plan and many competing companies around us. Trust and confidence are of paramount importance.

Will we be entering this year?

So, I suppose the question might be: ‘will we be entering again this year?’ After the success of last year, we certainly are!

We maintain our commitment to professionalism across all areas of our business operations, whether in administrative tasks or hands-on work. Participating once more in the PCA Best Practice Awards helps us sustain our momentum and prompts us to scrutinise and refine details that might otherwise go overlooked.

Re-entering this year presents an exciting opportunity, including attending the awards ceremony, which offers a wonderful occasion to celebrate the efforts of all PCA members. It goes without saying though, we are (of course) keen to win again! 

There is still time to submit your free entry/entries

Showcase your outstanding work and gain the recognition you deserve. Submit your free entry/entries by the 20 May 2024 deadline by clicking the button below. 

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