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Next Structural Waterproofing Conference - Details to Come

Next Structural Waterproofing Conference - Details to Come

Details of our next ‘International Structural Waterproofing Conference’ in 2023 are still to be released.  We are currently discussing dates, themes and topics.

However, if you want to be kept notified of when the next Structural Waterproofing Conference’ is, then simply complete for form to the right (or on mobile below) and we will keep you posted when there is more details and when tickets are available.

What to expect - Highlights from the recent Waterproofing Conference

Do you want to see what the conference looks like? Check out the pictures from our '2019 Property Care Conference 2019' – you might 'even' be in our photo gallery…

View pictures - previous conference >>

Presentations from the 2022 conference

Videos of the presentations from the 2022 conference are being released at the start of every month.  You can view the current list of release presentation videos by clicking on the button below.

For these that would like to view the individual PDF presentations from the previous conference, click to visit the 2022 presentations page.

Presentation videos from the 2022 conference >>

More information about structural waterproofing

For those looking to find out more information and guidance regarding structural waterproofing, click on the button below to visit specific pages on our professionals section where you will find help & guidance, technical documents, CPD videos and a variety of other information.

Visit the professionals section >>

Find out First! Get on the conference mailout list

For those that are interested in finding out information about the conference as its released and when tickets are available, simply complete the form on the right (or below if using mobile) and we will email you when details become available.

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