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Repairing & fixing the damage after a flood

If a building has been flooded the road to recovery can be long and stressful. If the right things are done at the right time by the right people, the trauma and impact of flooding can be significantly reduced. 

Immediately after the flood

Insurance providers and their agents will probably arrange for a clean up. It is very important at this stage to listen and take note of instructions given by your insurance company. 

Clean what they say you can, throw away only what they say you can and employ only who they give you permission to employ. 

This period is critical to the rest of the recovery. A thorough evaluation of the damage caused by the flood should be followed quickly by the implementation of a well thought through and properly directed strategy for drying. 

Only when the building is dry enough to accommodate the safe repair of the building should any reinstatements be undertaken. 

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Future Flood Resilience 

Buildings that have been flooded may be at risk of flooding in the future. The rebuilding that is inevitable after a serious flood is often the best time to make your property more resilient to flooding. 

Flood protection systems can make buildings less likely to flood or easier, quicker and less expensive to recover if they are flooded again. Delivering flood resilience and resistance is a specialist job. 

In some circumstances, flood victims may be eligible for grant funding that can be used to improve the flood resilience and resistance of their homes. 

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Repair and reinstatement 

Only when the property is considered dry enough should the process of reinstatement begin. Many new building materials can be susceptible to water damage if applied to wet walls and floors. Timber can warp and rot, plaster can spoil and finishes fail, unless walls are dried or products selected that can cope with any residual moisture. 

The timing and design of both flood drying and post-flood reinstatement is best left to trained experienced specialist flood practitioners.  

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