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Help to identify wet rot

Whilst not as severe as dry rot, wet rot can still significantly damage timbers and wood within your property. To learn how to recognise wet rot, view what it looks like and understand whether or not you may have an issue, simply keep scrolling down the page for helpful tips and wet rot related support images.

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Soft & weakened floorboards

Springy floorboards could indicate a problem with the structure of the timber. 

The floors may look fine, but in reality and once exposed, appear to show soft and weakened timber.

What does wet rot look like - Weakend Floorboards

Cracking of the timber

Cracking and softening of timber that is often discoloured, distorted and losing its strength

In many cases, wet rot occurs in areas we cannot see or reach.

What does wet rot look like - Cracking Timber - PCA

Fungal growth

While each fungus has its own unique features, both are the result of excess moisture

Wet rot is typically localised while dry rot can spread further

Wet rot - fungal growth - PCA

Damp smell

Just like dry rot, a damp, musty smell can be a sign that your home has dry rot.

If you notice a damp odour within your property, then further investigation must be undertaken.

Wet rot - in door frame - PCA

I think I might have a wet rot issue

If it is the case you have read the above and you are still unsure if you have a wet rot issue and you simply want to check with someone, then many of our specialist PCA damp & timber members can help.

Most will be happy to offer some advice over the phone, and if you take some pictures (or potentially a short video), many will likely be happy to help confirm if you have an issue. You can (of course) simply arrange a survey too.
To find a registered PCA specialist near you, simply use the search tool below. 

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Professional Wet Rot Guidance

For professional advice regarding wet rot and timber preservation, visit our professional section by clicking the button below.

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Learn more about the PCA, what we do, ur values and why our members and contractors see the PCA logo as a 'badge of honour'.

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