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Why we enter the PCA Best Practice Awards...

The closing date for entries into the 2023 PCA Best Practice Awards is next week! You will be pleased to learn however, that we have extended the deadline by a week giving members a little more time to put pen to paper/finger to keyboard in order to submit those all important entries - after all, you've go to be in it, to win it!

BUT why should PCA members be entering and what are the benefits for you? To answer these questions, we chatted to one of last year's winners, Andrew Bradshaw at RTC Group about why they enter year on year and what this awards event means to them...

Why we entered last year

I wanted RTC to enter the PCA Best Practice Awards as we believe that the service we provide is of a very high standard, and also to measure our efforts against other property care companies in the industry. 

Which best practice category were you awarded?

We were delighted to win the 2022 PCA Outstanding Customer Service Award. We were also extremely proud to have won the 2022 PCA Contractor of the Year too! This was off the back of winning the PCA Contractor of the Year in 2020! Also back in 2020, our surveyor Sam Rossall won Student of the Year. All in all, it has proved to be an exceptionally rewarding few years for us.

So…how has it benefitted you?

Winning these awards has had a positive impact on the business in many ways and I like to think it has elevated us to a more distinguished level. In addition it has helped to raise our profile and drive our business forward while aligning with our strategic business goals and values of being recognised as one of the best property care companies in our industry. It has certainly increased our credibility with not only our existing customers, but with potential customers also.

Moreover, our team morale has increased and these awards have provided great PR opportunities for us in both the printed press and across social media. It’s also great to know that the hard work the team at RTC put in with all the procedures we have in place, and the genuine commitment we have in offering a first-class service to all our customers is not only recognised, but actually works.

Will you be entering the 2023 best practice awards then?

I think the obvious answer there is yes, and I would encourage all PCA members to do the same. Like many other PCA members out there, we strive to better ourselves and the service we offer and are keen to continue being recognised as one of the best property care companies in our industry. We have everything crossed that we might win an award again, but I suppose it really now depends on how many other PCA members we will be competing against!

I am certainly looking forward to the upcoming awards dinner though, it's always a great night of reward, recognition and celebration - and the pictures always reflect that!

Don't miss your chance to be recognised - enter by 19th May 2023

For all PCA members yet to enter…this is your opportunity to showcase the outstanding work you and your colleagues do.  Don't miss this chance to be recognised.  Simply submit your free best practice awards entry by Friday 19th May. To access all the categories and to book your place to join us at the black-tie evening event, click on the button below...

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