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Is your roof ready for winter - easy maintenance checks you can do

Is your roof ready for winter - Supporting #MaintenanceWeek 2024

As we move into the winter months and  the arrival of dark nights and inclement weather, for our first #MaintenanceWeek blog, we focus on maintenance checks and tips you can carry out  to ensure the roof and chimney areas of your home are ready for winter.

The good news is that you don’t have to take to the rafters to review the condition of your roof and chimney areas. There is a lot you can do with a ladder, a good eye, binoculars, drones (if you have one), and a little bit of elbow grease. 

Check out our suggested maintenance tips and suggestions below to help keep your roof in tip-top condition and to prevent unwanted problems in the months to come.

Our maintenance tips for your roof...

Check your tiles: 
Cracked or slipped tiles provide an easy route for water to enter a home. The resulting damage can be exacerbated if there is no secondary underfelt. If you see any damage to tiles, get them replaced and check the corresponding area inside  your attic to look for dampness.

Take time to look at your chimney: 
These can provide an entry point for damage at the point where lead flashings meet  the joint with the chimney stack. They are often in an exposed location and may take a battering from the elements enabling small defects to escalate. 

Check your gutters: 
Gutters should provide a way for water to drain away quickly. Even a small blockage can cause problems. Also check to ensure  they are in good condition, no faulty joints, water is not spilling over when it rains, and if you have a big enough ladder (and it's safe to do so) ensure they are free of debris.

Trim back trees near your home: 
Limbs and branches loosened during a storm can cause immediate damage to your roof and provide easy access.

Look for moss covering your roof: 
If left unchecked, it can cause multiple problems such as blocking gutters, drainage points together with potential dampness and rot on roof joints.  Take the time to take a look, and if you are concerned, seek a specialist.

Take the opportunity to check the attic: 
Along with looking at the outside of your roof, think about the inside too. Look for any leaks/dampness coming through from the outside and ensure the vents in your attic are clear and the space is well ventilated. Don't allow trapped air moisture to leave dampness in your loft space leading to water damage and other potential issues.

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Concerned? People who can help you

As with all our tips this week, if you are concerned and you want a professional opinion, there are organisations that can help find local and qualified professionals.

You can find a list of experienced and qualified roofers through the ‘National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ (NFRC).  You can also find vetted and local based roofers using the Trustmark search tool.

If you do discover dampness or rot issues, our members within the Property Care Association can certainly help with that. Simply go to our local search tool and add in your postcode or town.

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More tips and advice during the week

Look our more maintenance tips, guidance and information coming out during the week as part of our support for maintenance week. Keep an eye on our news section of the website and our social channels for more posts to come…

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