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PCA reaches landmark milestone wit timber & dampness training

The PCA is proud that it has reached a significant milestone with its timber and dampness training and qualification by awarding a recent professional qualification for the 1,000th time.

The body, which promotes professionalism and expertise throughout the property care sector, has been running both the Surveyor’s Training Course and the CSRT qualification exam for 22 years.

And Sarah Haslam, from Cheshire – a building preservation surveyor with Timberwise – became the 1,000th person to achieve the qualification.

Steve Hodgson, chief executive of the PCA, believes achieving the landmark figure illustrates the success of a qualification widely recognised throughout the industry.

He said: “CSRT status acts as clear proof of professional credentials.


“It provides formal confirmation that remedial surveyors have achieved an outstanding level of knowledge and understanding.

“The fact that we have now awarded the qualification for the 1,000th time illustrates its true value and shows how seriously surveyors are taking the need to demonstrate their professionalism.”

Mr Hodgson says the CSRT qualification has benefits for consumers too.

He added: “Misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment of timber and damp problems can lead to considerable extra cost and a whole host of additional issues.

“So it’s vitally important for homeowners, or home buyers, to get the right advice and by talking to someone who is CSRT qualified, they can be assured of that.”

The Surveyors’ Training, which leads to the CSRT examination, is designed for those already actively involved in the surveying or remedial treatment of buildings who have a general background knowledge of construction.

It provides the skills necessary to identify and resolve problems relating to dampness and/or timber infestation.

Candidates must pass three modules – on timber, damp and legal and health and safety – to achieve the qualification. 



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