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PCA Weekly News - 11th July 2020

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Raising standards in the world of waterproofing
  • The latest ‘Hodgson View’
  • Bamboozled?
  • Indoor Air Quality and Homeworking
  • Property Flood Resilience Training Evaluation
  • A return to Monthly CPD Webinars
  • HSE urges businesses to become COVID-secure

Raising standards in the world of waterproofing

During this period of uncertainty, your Association is still striving to raise the standards in the world of below ground waterproofing and serve you, our members. Last week would have seen the latest incarnation of the PCA International Structural Waterproofing Conference and cancelling our 2020 conferences early on in the pandemic, was an extremely difficult decision to make.

However, as our members will know, we didn’t stop there. So what else have we been up to? Read James Berry’s latest blog on the work we’ve been doing….

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The latest ‘Hodgson View’

The latest announcement from Rishi Sunak promising billions for energy saving measures might be great news for the economy, but, if this is not a charter for rushed, poorly considered, ill designed retrofit, installed by inexperienced firms and redeployed fitters who do not understand the implications of their actions, then I don’t know what is. So who is going to do this highly skilled and damp critical work and who is going to assure it and insure it?

Find out more in Steve’s latest ‘Hodgson View’ by clicking on the button below.

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Thanks to Jim Glaister for his Bamboo & Buddleia webinar during ‘Lockdown’, which members can view again via the button below. Interestingly, neither of these species are Schedule 9 listed but this doesn’t mean our Invasive Weed Group members should consider them any less worth their attention/focus. As Jim posted this week, bamboo rhizomes can cause every bit as much disruption as Japanese knotweed does and we all know about buddleia’s destructive habits.

An important point arises from this. As ‘experts’, even if your survey instruction relates only to Japanese knotweed, you have a general duty-of-care to mention anything seen which is of material significance to the client (within the context of ‘invasive weeds’ of course). Even if it’s only your client’s neighbour that has bamboo, its worth pointing out that this could be the cause of some future nuisance or loss of amenity.

Will bamboo become the new Japanese knotweed? Well, unlike Japanese knotweed, bamboo is still being sold as an ‘attractive’ garden plant so we can only say, whatever the scale of the problem we see today, it is only going to get worse!

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Indoor Air Quality and Homeworking

PCA Board Member John Bradley, Homevent (Elta Fans Residential Division) explores some of the key considerations for Indoor Air Quality, particularly as COVID-19 lockdown has meant that many in the UK are working from home for the first time. And with some experts predicting this is likely to be a trend that continues into the future, what does this mean for those tasked with delivering ventilation into residential properties?

Members can read the full article by clicking on the button below….

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Property Flood Resilience Training Evaluation

Your Association is currently working with the Flood Resilience Round Table who are tasked with facilitating the adoption of flood resilient measures that will eventually, protect homes or businesses from the ever growing threat of flooding.

The latest initiative involves an evaluation of the training that is available to those who want to learn about flood resilience. Your Association was the first to market with a two-day course aimed at understanding the principals of delivering good flood resilience, and we have probably delivered the knowledge to more candidates than any other organisation. As a result we are keen to assist CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) with this project and ultimately seek to gain external recognition and accreditation for our course.

The first part of the evaluation involves a survey, open to anyone who is interested in the subject as well as those who train or who may at some point want to seek training. The links to the survey can be accessed via the button below and we would encourage as many members as possible to respond by 17th July.

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A return to Monthly CPD Webinars

Just 2 weeks to go until our series of monthly webinars commences! Starting on Thursday 23rd July, from 9-10am with ‘Verification of Ground Gas Protection Systems‘.

Join us and Neil Salvidge to understand the vital role that yours and others’ play in the planning, instigating and completion of a successful project. Learn the importance of compliance with planning conditions set against the project and gain an understanding of this process in relation to the installation of ground gas protection systems.

Members can register for this webinar via the button below.

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HSE urges businesses to become COVID-secure

As more and more of us are getting back to work, members are reminded of HSE’s latest announcement calling for businesses to:

  • make sure they’re COVID-secure
  • protect workers and others from harm
  • take reasonable steps to control the risk and protect people from coronavirus

This is called a COVID-19 risk assessment and will help you, our members, manage risk and protect your people. To find out what to include in your COVID-19 risk assessment, members can access the document via the button below..

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