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Preparing the garden, paths & outdoor areas for winter - Maintenance week tips

As the winter chill approaches, and as part of our continuing support for #MaintenanceWeek, now is a good time to turn your attention to the spaces which typically endure the harshest weather conditions - your garden, paths, and outdoor areas of your home. 

Like all of our Maintenance Week blogs & tips this week; doing small things to prepare the paths, gardens, and outdoor spaces for the winter weather will help the longevity of your property. In addition, it can also help the safety and functionality of these areas. To learn what you can do, check out our maintenance tips and suggestions below that will hopefully get you ready for winter.  

Our maintenance tips and suggestions for you

Protect your outside taps & pipes: 
Prevent burst pipes and damaged taps in the winter frost by isolating and draining water held within. If you can’t isolate these outside taps, then consider insulating any exposed pipes or fitting a tap cover to shield them from the cold. Don’t forget about the external condensation pipe on your boiler, as this should also be wrapped in insulation in order to prevent heating issues.

Clear pathways and driveways:
Enhance both aesthetics and safety by clearing pathways and driveways of leaves, debris, and dirt. A sturdy broom or leaf blower can help make the job easier rather than facing a wet winter slip.

Storage water containers: 
For those that have them, don’t forget about water containers during the autumn/winter. Ensure there is adequate overflow drainage which is away from adjoining house walls to ensure it doesn't become a contributing factor to any internal dampness problems.

Repair and seal outdoor surfaces:
Inspect and repair cracks or damage on pathways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces. Consider applying a suitable sealant to provide an extra layer of protection against the freezing temperatures, to help prevent any further deterioration.

Winterise your garden furniture:
Give outdoor furniture some TLC before the winter kicks in by cleaning and storing cushions indoors to prevent mould. Bring lightweight furniture indoors or secure it with covers to prevent storm damage. Temperature-sensitive plants like Cordyline should also be brought indoors to protect them from frost damage.

Secure outdoor decor:
For external decorations such as wind chimes, bird feeders, or hanging planters, check they are securely fastened. Winter winds can be strong, and securing these items prevents potential damage to both the decorations and your property.

Prune trees and shrubs:
Trim any overhanging branches or deadwood from trees and shrubs around your home. This not only prevents potential damage from falling branches during winter storms, but also promotes healthy growth come spring.

Inspect and clean gutters:
As mentioned this week on other #MaintenanceWeek blogs, ensure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris to prevent ice dams and water damage. Clean gutters allows proper drainage, reducing the risk of leaks, damp penetrations and other potential issues for your home.

Stock up on winter essentials:
Finally, make sure you have essential winter supplies on hand, such as ice melt, snow shovels, and a well-functioning snow blower. Being prepared for winter weather ensures you can quickly address any issues which may arise.

Winter maintenance - garden area 1   Winter maintenance - garden area 2

Have Invasive plants or weeds - some winter suggestions

Along with the maintenance tips and suggestions above, for those who are affected by invasive weeds or plants, we also have some guidance for you. Check out our blog from Maintenence Week 2022 for help and advice on what you can do to maintain and stop the spread of these invasive plants during the winter months.

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Small steps can make a big difference…

All of the steps oulined are relatively small suggestions that you can undertake to prepare your outdoor and garden areas for winter. It simply requires a good eye and a little bit of time.

There are, however, professionals that you can contact if you feel you need a little help. For general garden maintenance, you can find local landscapers/gardeners via the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).  Alternatively, you could use services such as ‘Check-a-trade’ to find gardeners/landscapers near you.

When it comes to outside taps and if you are unsure how to isolate them yourself, you can find local plumbers to help via the ‘Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors Ltd’ (APHC). 

If invasive plants or weeds are your concern, members of the Property Care Association can certainly help. Simply go to our local search tool and add your postcode or town.

Find local invasive weed specialists >

More tips and advice during the week

Look out for more maintenance tips, guidance and information coming out during the week as part of our support for #MaintenanceWeek 2023. Keep an eye on the news section of our website and our social channels for more posts to come…

View our news section >

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