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Brownfield development & Ground Gases

Sites that have been used or developed on in the past are often referred to as “brownfield”. For professionals considering development on these brownfield sites, the residues from human activity such as industrial processes, occupation or dumping can lead to the presence of material within the ground that can emit harmful ground gases. Problems can also occur as a result of the natural geology or the deposition or materials that have occurred naturally. 

Where the levels of harmful gas have the potential to cause harm, measures have to be taken before buildings are constructed on land that is to be used for residential, retail, industrial or leisure purposes.  

Brownfield development & Ground Gases - Professional Guidance - PCA

Before developing on brownfield sites

Before the development of any brownfield site is undertaken, it is required that an investigation/assessment of the geography, geology and ecological impacts are made. This will include consideration of past use and the risks of the presence of harmful ground gases. 

The requirements for assessment are set out in British Standard, BS 8485:2015+A1:2019
Code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings. To find out more, visit our page about ground gas investigation & design.

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Code of Practice for Protection of Structures from Ground Gases

Download the Portection of Structures from Ground Gases document by clicking the link below.

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Purchase BS 8485

For those that want to purchase BSI's 8485 Document, click on the button below.

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When potential risk is identified on brownfield sites 

Where a risk from ground gas is identified on a brownfield development site, it is the job of the geotechnical engineer to qualify risk and set a course of actions that will qualify those risks and set in motion a process that will lead to the use of measures that will protect future occupants and users of any ste from the threat posed form harmful ground gases. 

When risk is detected and the need for ground gas protection measures has been established, it will be necessary to work with specialists who understand how to interpret, design and deliver the right ground gas protection solutions in a way that is effective and safe. 

Verification through independent assessment and review of the ground gas protection measures built on site is often essential. 

Where you can find ground gas specialists

PCA provides a place where developers, contractors, architects and landowners can find specialists who supply products, build solutions and verify ground gas protection installations. 

Every company or individual specialist that is a member of the ground gas protection group of the Property Care Association has been assessed and has demonstrated a proven track record. They have demonstrated expertise and competence that is backed by experience, insurance and qualification.  

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Improve your knowledge

Want to learn more about Brownfield Development & Ground Gases?

For those interested in learning more about Brownfield Development & Ground Gases, there is a variety of PCA training options for surveying professionals as well as technical/trade professionals. 

Use the search tool below to find available Brownfield Development & Ground Gases related training courses or simply go to our training & qualifications section.  Alternatively, if you want to chat to someone, contract our training team on 01480 400 000 or contact them online.

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