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Invasive Weed Control Group

With invasive weeds and plants increasingly growing out of control, legislation surrounding them becoming more complicated and gradually invasive plants posing more risks to the environment and buildings; something had to be actioned to overcome these challenges.

The 'PCA Invasive Control Group' was set up to help overcome these challenges by providing clear guidance on 'best practice' and standards while also providing advice to homeowners and information to construction, landscaping and property professionals.

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What exactly does the Invasive Control Group do?

Working with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and supported by other organisations such as the ‘Council of Mortgage Lenders’ and the Building Society Association, the PCA’s Invasive Weed Control Group is a collective group of industry professionals (that are also PCA members).

The group works together to try and remove uncertainty with the aim of being a reference point for professional contractors while also linking homeowners looking to find reliable, competent and trustworthy invasive weed contractors. 

What does the PCA do to help drive improvements

Similar to other professional groups established, the PCA’s commitment to the Invasive Weed Control group is to drive and establish a high level of operational and technical rigour for which we are renowned for. The aim is to ultimately drive up standards & confidence, but to also provide access to a professional group of invasive weed experts with specialist focused skills.

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More about invasive weed management

Guidance & advice for professionals that come across invasive plants close to buildings on on commercial developments

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Invasive Plant Species - The List

List of all the invasive plant and weed species listed in UK & EU acts & regulations

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Sounds interesting! How do I get involved?

All PCA members who meet the criteria for the Invasive 'skills sector' are automatically deemed to be members of the 'Invasive Weed Control Group' (IWCG). If you are interested in joining the steering group to help drive the collective initiative and ultimately improvements to the Invasive Weed Industry, then simply get in touch by clicking on the button or by completing the online form.

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More about PCA Membership 

Interested in taking part in the CPD scheme but you are not a PCA member?  Find out more about membership and why it will benefit you!

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Professional Guidance

For those professionals looking for information, technical help and guidance towards and variety of property related problems, why not check out our 'professional guidance' pages.

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