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Meeting of Industry Experts

This 'Meeting Industry Experts' workshop will offer clear guidance and skills on how to approach a meeting of specialist, from the initial preparation for the meeting through to the discussion itself and the production of the joint statement.

The quality of an expert’s performance at a meeting of experts is a fundamental concern for instructing lawyers. Key-parts of the expert’s evidence can be lost through a poor understanding of how to conduct such meetings or ineffective communication technique at the key-moments that arise. Substantial costs can be wasted by an expert who does not perform his/her role adequately and on occasions cases are lost through inappropriate behaviour.

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The workshop will discuss the legal context and the litigation and commercial pressures on each side at the meeting and offer communication techniques that will help the discussion to be productive, and will offer guidance on how to handle difficult situations successfully.

Effective preparation for trial is vital to an expert witness’s performance in court. It is common for judges and arbitrators to use the joint statement as an agenda for hearing the experts at the trial or hearing. Approaches to producing the joint statement and the structure and use of language that is most useful to the experts, the lawyers and the court, will also be explored.

How is this training course structured?

This one-day workshop, delivered by Lynden Alexander, will focus on the following objectives:
  • Explain the purpose of the meeting of experts and the pressures faced by participants
  • Explain the experts’ role and duties and the extent to which the lawyers participate in the process
  • Explain the production and use of agendas at the meeting of experts, the production of the joint statement and how these are produced by the experts
  • Identify effective preparation for the meeting of experts, particularly how to analyse the evidence to understand for the basis of differences between the experts
  • Learn how to structure the meeting and the phases of the discussion
  • Practise specific communication techniques that can assist in the conduct of the meeting
  • Explore how to analyse the basis of differences and how the expert can move beyond an apparent impasse at the meeting of experts

Benefits of the training

  • Receive specialist tuition from an experienced forensic communication specialists
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of experts when attending an experts’ meeting
  • Learn forensic communication techniques that will assist in the conduct of expert’s meetings and ensure that the expert is not undermined by the communication strategies of the other side
  • Understand how to be better prepared and resourced when participating in experts’ meetings and how to analyse difference into specific factual, expertise or legal issues
  • Fundamental forensic drafting skills, to limit opportunities for evidence to be challenged
  • Learn how to deal effectively with the communication difficulties that commonly arise during the discussion
  • Develop a clear strategy for preparing the joint statement effectively and achieves the objectives of the process as defined by court rules

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