A Diagnostic Approach to Understanding Condensation,

Atmospheric Moisture and Mould

“Excellent course – best one I have attended in relation to this subject.” (course delegate)

Who is this course for?

This one day course has been developed to provide delegates with the necessary skills to analyse raw information collected by atmospheric data loggers, and present this in a way that can illustrate clearly to the homeowner or property professional what is happening in the occupied house. It will also assist in devising rectification strategies and help allow practitioners to take the guesswork out of atmospheric moisture monitoring.

How is this training structured?

The training day will be a mix of classroom lecture and practical, hands-on sessions.

The morning will focus on: data collection, understanding the relationships between moisture production, vapour pressure, air movement and relative humidity.

The afternoon will focus on: how to use and place data loggers and temperature recording devices and to utilise spreadsheets and laptop computers to interpret and manipulate raw figures collected from site.

Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding relative humidity, vapour pressure and environmental moisture
  • Water vapour in buildings and its origin
  • Mould growth, biology of mould and toxic moulds
  • Measuring environmental moisture
  • Assessment of collected data
  • Case studies
  • Practical assessment of environmental moisture
  • Use of hygrometers, surface temperature thermometers and data loggers
  • Analysis of data loggers and production of data in graphical form

This course also provides a good foundation for the PCA’s new Residential Ventilation Masterclass.

This course provides an in-depth analysis of how to interpret data that has been collected from moisture monitoring equipment. For candidates who wish to gain more of a general overview on the causes, diagnosis and remediation of all damp problems (including condensation), the Condensation & Dampness day of the Surveying Timber and Dampness in Buildings Training Course may be more relevant.

A Diagnostic Approach to Understanding Condensation, Atmospheric Moisture and Mould

Month Course Date
April 2020 Thurs 16th
November 2020 Wed 11th
Condensation Workshop Course Fees

Fees for PCA Members
£185 + VAT (1 days training)

Fees for non PCA Members
£240 + VAT (1 days training)

Please note that there are a limited number of places on each training course and places can only be reserved with full payment.  Please check back here for additional dates as they are announced.

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