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PCA Weekly News - 6th January 2024

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • The Future Homes Standard
  • Research into herbicide induced dormancy
  • IIWC23 video presentation
  • Thermography webinar
  • Damp & Timber Apprenticeship

The Future Homes Standard

The PCA has been pushing for more action to deal with condensation, damp, and mould in homes for many years. One area we really want to see improvement is in the upcoming Future Homes and Buildings Standards set by the Government.

Chief Executive Sarah Garry discusses the new standard, reasons as to why we will continue to campaign for more action to address effective damp control and what the PCA are looking to do going forward.


Research into herbicide induced dormancy

Next week, we will launch a digital survey seeking valuable data from our members on the topic of herbicide induced dormancy.

This topic has been widely debated over the years and was featured at the 2023 Invasive Weed Conference back in November. With input and help from our members, we are aiming to address critical questions about the prevalence, duration, and influencing factors of herbicide induced dormancy. This research, driven by the vital role dormancy plays in a plant's lifecycle, holds the potential to unveil additional enhanced herbicide-supported management options.


IIWC23 - Invasive Non-native Species Strategy

After a successful Invasive Weeds Conference in November 2023, we are pleased to share both the highlights and the first video presentation from the event.

In this opening presentation, Max Wade introduces the new DEFRA GB Invasive Non-Native Species Strategy along with its aims, the plan for detection and monitoring and the expected key outcomes by 2030. But how will this strategy impact those within the invasive weed industry and what should we be considering to prepare ourselves? Watch the video to learn more...

Watch here >>

First webinar of 2024 - Thermography

The use of thermal imaging equipment has become increasingly popular to assist with non destructive inspections. They can help reveal hidden defects such as moisture intrusion and structural damage as well as heat loss. But, before you consider the use of thermographic equipment, what do you need to know and what are the issues and problems of using diagnostic tools which are not generally obvious or discussed?

To learn more, join us on Thursday 25 January for our first webinar of 2024. To register, click on the button below.

Register here >>

Damp and Timber apprenticeship

We continue to deliver real value and invest in the specialist apprenticeship scheme. With the skills shortage a continuing concern, we are pleased to offer more opportunities for individuals to join us for the next damp and timber apprenticeship intake this March. The power of 'earning whilst you learn' along with the benefits an apprenticeship can have on your business and team should not be underestimated. To find out more, click on the button below.

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