International Waterproofing Conference 2016


Paul Cribbens

Standards Manager, NHBC

“Risk based design”

NHBC Standards Manager, Paul Cribbens, is responsible for the production of NHBC’s Standards and the setting of NHBC technical policy for warranty issues. The role involves working with Industry and various technical committees to ensure that the Standards are up to date, reflect today’s construction methods and remain the cornerstone of good house-building practice.

Examples of changes to the Standards that Paul has overseen include the introduction of technical guidance for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and more recently waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures, as well as the rewrite of NHBC Standards 2016.


Alan Tovey

Tecnicom Ltd

“Design considerations in basements”

Alan is a chartered structural engineer, a fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He has forty years experience in manufacturing, and design and construction of a variety of structures built with concrete, steel and timber. He has also had considerable involvement with numerous British Standards (including BS 8102) and other publications, and with the application of Building Regulations for buildings and dwellings.

Alan was also previously the Executive Director of The Basement Information Centre, which is essentially a national centre for information about the development and use of basements in new or existing dwellings. In 1992 Alan was instrumental in setting up the Basement Development Group (BDG), an organisation that has grown considerably and which is known today as The Basement Information Centre (TBIC).


Paul Osselmann

Sr International Technical Consultant

“Delivering waterproofing to infrastructure.”

Paul was born in New York, USA in 1969. He obtained his A.A.S degree in Construction Technology in Delhi, New York in 1989 and his B.S.Degree in Construction Engineering from Syracuse University, NY in 1992. He then moved to Germany in 1993 and was involved in the Renovation and rental of family property in Berlin.

He then took up a Research and Product development assignment at the Technical University of Berlin under Prof. Dr. Bernd Hillemeier, Germany’s leading authority on concrete technology. Following that he took up a position as a research engineer at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), at the Institute of Functional Boundary Surfaces doing life cycle analysis on major governmental infrastructure projects.

He joined the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG in 2010, and presently serves as Consulting Engineer and has the role of Senior International Technical Consultant at KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE. Paul’s duties include consulting on worldwide building and engineered infrastructure projects to solve waterproofing problems.


Tom Gibney

Standards & Qualifications Operational Manager, CITB

“Future challenges and skills shortages”

Tom started his career in the Construction Industry as a Carpentry Apprentice in 1974. He worked on a variety of contracts across the country until 1988 when he joined the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as a Youth Training Assistant based at the Liverpool Office supporting Construction Apprentices through their training programme. Promoted in 1990 to a Training Adviser based in Liverpool he supported employers with their training needs in the Liverpool area.

Other roles for Tom included Senior Training Adviser responsible for Management of Health and Safety Training, Acting Area Manager and following re-organisation in 1996 secured a position as New Entrant Training Manager for the North West. This role involved the Management of an Apprenticeship contract in the North West area with the annual recruitment of 900 apprentices.

In 2000 he joined the Standards and Qualifications department to act as liaison between the Standards Team and the Field Areas of CITB. Part of this role involved reviewing the National Occupational Standards through employer engagement and promoting the new qualifications. In 2010 Tom was appointed as Standards and Qualifications Operations Manager responsible for developing Apprenticeship Frameworks and the National Occupational Standards across the UK.


James Hockey

Trace Basements

“Bringing and maintaining quality control on site”

James is a specialist in the design and installation of waterproofing systems for basements and podium decks in new and existing structures, with much of his work historically being on the investigation and remediation of failed systems.

James is an examiner for the PCA CSSW qualification, and is also part of the interview panel for the PCA Waterproofing Design Specialist (WDS) Register. He speaks regularly on the topic of waterproofing design to Practices of Architects, Engineers and Local Authority Building Control Departments.  He speaks periodically at Bolton University and has also presented to basement waterproofing contractors in the USA while working for Basement Systems based in Connecticut.

James has worked with many of the structural warranty providers such as the NHBC, Zurich, CRL and Premier Guarantees, this including updating technical manuals for CRL & Premier, contributing to the development of nationwide requirements for designers/contractors to comply and to obtain cover.


Veronika Elfmarkova


“Concrete & Crystalline Technology in Today’s World”

Veronika’s background is in cement and concrete technology. She has worked in both the academic industrial sectors, including working on international projects. Veronika completed her engineering studies at Brno University of Technology Institute of Building Materials and Technologies in the Czech Republic. She also undertook applied research in Switzerland in the optimisation of cement production, optimisation of concrete mix designs and studies about crystalline technology in cementitious materials.

Veronika has worked as a concrete technologist leading a testing laboratory in the concrete production company BEST in the Czech Republic. Following this role, Veronika’s research projects about durability of concrete exposed to harm conditions and its waterproofing properties were held at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands with the cooperation of the Dutch cement and concrete industry. Veronika has complete knowledge of technical specifications and their implementation (EN and ASTM standards), advanced testing methods of materials and components in micro and macro level and their quality control.


Mike Swatton

Managing Director, MD Insurance

“Warranting underground waterproofing.”

Mike’s background is a practical one. He started out in the industry as a Carpenter & Joiner before moving into a career in Local Authority Building Control for 10 years. He then joined the structural warranty industry in 1983 as an Inspector.

He progressed to several other positions over the years, including the Project Management and Introduction of Computer Technology and data capture for field staff, after which he took up the position of Head of Inspection for the South. Mike’s industry experience enabled his next move to MD Insurance Services in 2009 as Business Development Director. Over his 46 years in the industry he has judged awards schemes at all levels for quality in the last 3 decades.


Nick Egdell

Director of Business Development, Kinnell Group

“IBGs and PI Insurance.”

Nick Egdell has worked in the UK RMI sector for the last 16 years. Today he is the partnership contact for all PCA members needing GPI and Kinnell Group services.
Additionally he is responsible for the Business Development of the energy and renewables sectors encompassing insulation and generation technologies. Before these years he started studying Business Studies then worked in a range of operational and service delivery roles for some major UK PLC’s. The continuing theme has been caring about customers and service.


More speaker biographies to follow

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