The PCA Flood Protection Group (FPG)

The FPG has been developed by the PCA to give consumers who are looking to protect themselves from the worst effects of flooding with confidence to find flood protection specialists (contractors and surveyors) and products that are right for the job.

Purpose of the Flood Protection Group:
To help remove uncertainty in finding solutions to protect buildings from flooding.  The group will also provide a reference point for legislators, community groups, insurers and importantly, homeowners, who want to understand what can be done to effectively protect their property from the effects of flooding.  The initiative will link consumers to reliable, competent and trustworthy flood protection specialists.  The Association will inspect and verify the skills, knowledge, operational capabilities of contractors and ensure products are dependable and reliable.

The Flood Protection Group is chaired by Mary Dhonau OBE, the acclaimed flood campaigner. Mary has first hand experience of being flooded and understands both the practical and emotional affects.

Mary has been instrumental in bringing together the PCA and members of the Flood Protection Association (FPA) to form a strong and technically capable group.

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Seek advice from flood protection specialists to protect your property

When it comes to flood protection it is not just a case of buying products off the shelf – there is no one size fits all solution.

Introducing effective flood resilience for homes and business premises that are under risk of flooding involves looking at a property as a whole, understanding its needs, and bringing together all the appropriate parts of a solution that together will help protect that building against flood.

Experienced professionals will be able to undertake a property-level survey, which will involve a physical survey to assess areas such as the level of thresholds and floors, likely points of water entry and the most appropriate methods for managing the level of flood risk in the building.

Property Flood Resilience Training:
As part of the drive to raise standards in this increasingly important sector the PCA has developed bespoke training. This will help ensure that those undertaking property flood resilience surveys and making recommendations understand the whole process that should be adopted to undertake competent and comprehensive surveys. This will mean that appropriate and fully considered strategies will be recommended to affected homeowners to give them confidence and fit in with their unique circumstances.
More about our training can be read here.

Use our postcode search to find a PCA Flood Protection Group member for your area.

Access more advice on protecting your property from the effects of flooding in the free PCA Guide Flood Protection and Your Property – A guide to protecting your home“.

Check if your area is at risk of flooding

You can also contact Floodline for information about flood warnings (charges apply). Telephone: 0345 988 1188 (24 hour service).