Flood Prevention & Protection

Being flooded is an appalling experience. More often then not, when it comes to flood protection, it is only something we start to consider if we, or people close to us, are affected by floods. It is at this point many of us realise the long journey ahead to getting back to some sort of normality after a flood has occurred. But what can you do to protect yourself against flooding?

Flood Prevention & Protection is about Much More…

Flood protection is much more than just the physical instalment of barriers and other elements within your property. It is also about preparation and knowing what to do if/when a flood occurs. For example, ask yourself:

  1. Do I know my flood facts? – Types of flood that might occur and who is responsible for what?
  2. Am I actually at flood risk? – Understanding the risk factor and what you can do to minimise risk
  3. Is my house, family and business prepared/protected if a flood occurs? – Consider action plans and having emergency kits ready
  4. What will I do when the flood hits? – Where should you go, who does what, and who should I contact?
  5. What is the recovery process? – Considering the recording of damage (photos), the process of who you have to contact and considering flood protection specialists to help ‘build back better’ to protect your property in the future
  6. Will my insurance cover the costs? – Do you have building insurance that covers for flooding?

The unfortunate truth is each flood event is different within different areas. Whilst the above list of questions is not exhaustive, we do hope it helps property owners in flood risk areas consider what they may have to do to protect themselves from flooding.

Are You at Risk of Flooding Now?

Be aware of your flood risk, especially if you live in an area with a history of flood events. The indicator below will give you an idea of potential flood risks right now in the UK, but to find out the risk in your local area, visit the Environment Agency website checker using the button below.

Alternatively, you can also contact Floodline for information about flood warnings on: 0345 988 1188 (24 hour service – charges may apply).

England & Wales – Check Now >> For Scotland – Click Here >>

Flood Protection & Prevention Options

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Flood Defence - What to consider - Property Prevention & Protection

Flood Resilenance - can it work - Flood Prevention & Protection

One Type of Protection does not Fit All

When it comes to flood protection, it is not just a case of buying products off the shelf – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Introducing effective flood protection & resilience for homes and business premises that are under risk of flooding involves:

  • Looking at a property as a whole.
  • Understanding its needs.
  • …and bringing together all the appropriate parts of a solution that will help protect that building against flooding.

There are of course, flood defence products and things that you can do to protect your property. For more information on flood prevention and flood defence systems, why not take a look at our video below demonstrating how effective flood protection measures can be.

The Flood Protection Group – Here to Help

To help remove uncertainty in finding solutions to help better protect buildings from flooding, the flood protection group has been developed by the Property Care Association to give homeowners/consumers who are looking to protect themselves from the worst effects of flooding with confidence to find flood protection specialists (contractors and surveyors) and products that are right for the job.

Our flood protection group acts as a reference point not only for homeowners, but also for legislators, building professionals, community groups and insurers who want to understand what can be done to effectively protect a property from the effects of flooding and how to find reliable, competent and trustworthy flood protection specialists that have had their skills, knowledge, operational capabilities verified.

Finding an Experienced Flood Protection Specialist

Experienced professionals will be able to undertake a property-level survey, which will involve a physical survey to assess areas such as the level of thresholds and floors, likely points of water entry and the most appropriate methods for managing the level of flood risk in the building.

For those looking to find a qualified local flood prevention and protection specialist local to you, simply click on the button below and run a search.

Find a Local Flood Specialists >>

Related & Additional Information

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