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PCA Weekly News Round Up - 1st March 2019

In your weekly PCA update this week:BS 8102: Is BSi Dragging their heels?

  • BS 8102: Is BSi Dragging their heels?
  • Compliant Ventilation in Domestic Dwellings Webinar
  • Final Week for our Apprentices
  • Regional Meetings Start Next Week!
  • Property Resilience Round Table Update
  • Calling all Technicians
  • Get ahead and kickstart your training

BS 8102: Is BSi Dragging their heels?

Is it just us or is everyone else feeling frustrated as to how long it is taking to push through amendments to BSI regarding BS 8102? One of the main objectives of the PCA structural waterproofing group during 2018 was to secure a revision of BS 8102 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground.

Despite correspondence with BSI almost a year ago and their initial response being moderately optimistic, it has since felt like they have been dragging their heels. Last week we wrote again to BSI (click here to see our letter to BSi) following their request for additional supporting information…

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Compliant Ventilation in Domestic Dwellings Webinar

Compliant Ventilation in Domestic Dwellings Webinar – 13th March
A recent study on new residential building sites found that none of the sites visited achieved the delivery of the ventilation systems in accordance with the minimum standards. If we can’t get this right in the first instance, what can we expect from our existing housing stock? The vast majority of the housing stock in the UK is over 20 years and provision for ventilation within these buildings is often neglected.

Join Steve Hodgson and James Berry as they look at the assessment and evaluation of ventilation in existing building, as well as applicable legislation.

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Final week for our Apprentices

As our fourth cohort of apprentices complete the classroom-based element of their apprenticeship, we wish them all the best for the next stage.

Feedback has been fantastic so far and we are looking forward to welcoming the next intake of candidates on 19th-22nd March.

Invest in your technicians and get them qualified! Contact Jade today on [email protected] to book your place! To find out more, visit our damp & timber apprenticeships webpage.

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2019 Regional Meeting Agendas **Members Only**

Our Spring Regional Meetings kick off next week 6th March in the South East (Redhill, Surrey). Make sure you let us know if you’re attending so we can save you a seat. Hear:

  • An update from the PCA on all recent developments and activities
  • Andy Ferguson, PCA’s Head of Communications present your Association’s marketing strategy for 2019
  • Koppers – looking at specifications of timbers and the implications of the building regulations

Other locations include the South West (Bristol), The Midlands (Hinkley), Scotland (Stirling) and The North (Manchester). Download the agendas for each meeting via the link below.

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Property Resilience Round Table Update

Last week the PCA attended the regular meeting of the committee, drawn up to deliver on the 2106 Peter Bonfield Report into flood resilience. This involved a workshop allowing delegates to bring together ideas on how to get property owners to adopt flood resilient measures.

Whilst it’s great that this work continues, it is somewhat depressing that senior figures and industry leaders are still grappling with the most fundamental of questions and no answer as to how to get people to invest in flood protection!

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Calling all Technicians

Japanese Knotweed – On Site Containment and Cell Burial Strategies

Hosted by a highly regarded specialist, this one-day workshop will provide candidates with both theory and practical considerations to the design and implementation of geosynthetics/geomembranes both on-site and in the ground.

Candidates will have the opportunity to be hands on with the geomembrane products and actively work on cell design and construction. They will also spend time looking at the health and safety aspects when managing and implementing projects of this nature.

Get your technicians trained! Contact the training team today on 0844 375 4301, email [email protected] or alternatively, click on the ‘contact us’ button below.

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Get ahead and kickstart your training

Safe Use of Biocides

In response to the restrictions being placed over the use of biocides, which has affected the availability of timber protection chemicals, this course has been a welcome initiative and is proving a huge success.

This one-day course will look at a selection of elements and will involve a short multiple-choice exam at the end of the day. We have also generated a Professional Users of Biocides Register for the Protection of Timber in Buildings and all candidates that pass the multiple-choice exam will be recorded on this register.

Ground Gas Protection Measures – Getting it Right

Back by popular demand – You asked, we delivered!
This one-day course is ideal for surveyors, company owners and designers etc who wish to keep up to speed with the latest requirements of the latest standards, good practice and successful implementation to ensure safe development. The day is divided into four units, with Unit 4 comprising a practical demonstration section.

Contact the training team today on 0844 375 4301, email [email protected] or alternatively, click on the ‘contact us’ button below.

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