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PCA Weekly News - 27th June 2020

 In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Setting the record straight on some misleading comments
  • Does COVID-19 change our perception of ‘invasive species’?
  • A return to monthly CPD webinars
  • Residential Ventilation Training – Calling All Surveyors
  • Missed our last weekly Webinar? View the Recording

Setting the record straight on some misleading comments

As the very visible face of the established building preservation industry, the PCA is open to criticism. Sometimes this is fair and useful and can lead to new thoughts or improvements. Unfortunately in the age of social media, critics are empowered by a lack of accountability and the fact that publishing outrageous opinion attracts an audience.

Though the temptation is to meet libellous and slanderous assaults head on, there is risk that the fight that might ensue, simply acts to further empower and draw an audience to the extreme thoughts of a madman, and so a balance is struck. A balance that is not always easy for me to live with.

The link below is a measured attempt to inform some who are open to intelligent conversation. Unfortunately and despite the truth there are some that will remain committed to the biased, ill-informed and closed-mined view. Mainly because to do otherwise might hurt them commercially. In short, the reason behind the vitriol is almost always the promotion of their own commercial interest.

Unfortunately as long as the PCA is successfully working for members and we continue to increase the value of Association to members, the attacks will probably continue and because we are right and do a good job for our clients, PCA will continue to thrive in spite of them.

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Does COVID-19 change our perception of ‘invasive species’?

Peter’s latest blog is a little different this week and it might seem, at first, to be a little far-fetched to make a link between COVID-19 and Japanese knotweed or Himalayan balsam, but bear with him…. according to Peter they are not really so very different!

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A return to monthly CPD webinars

As we all make our way back into the ‘new norm’ or working, we say a fond farewell to our series of weekly webinars and, starting in July, return to the monthly format.

Join us and Neil Salvidge on Thursday 23rd July 2020 from 9-10am as he delivers his insight into the Verification of gas protection – from initial project conception to final sign off, and everything in between.

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Residential Ventilation Training – Calling All Surveyors

Ventilation is certainly a very topical issue and with ever-increasing pressures upon homeowners to conserve fuel, insulate and draft proof their homes, the frequency and severity of mould growth and condensation related damp is increasing. This course is suitable for anyone involved in the design and installation of retrofitting fans and mechanical ventilation solutions in existing homes.



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