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Root barriers for rhizome control

Root barriers are used to prevent the spread of roots/rhizomes etc. in the soil and are often specified as part of an invasive weed management strategy, especially for Japanese knotweed.

The objective of using a root barrier is to segregate land impacted by e.g. Japanese knotweed from that which is free of rhizome.  But a root barrier on its own will not normally provide a complete solution to knotweed control. Best practice suggests that a barrier can be used as part of a remediation strategy where the primary method of control (herbicides, excavations) significantly reduces the residual risks associated with the target species. 

Knotweed root barriers - Property Care Association

The different types of root barriers

There are various forms of root barrier.  Common products used include:

Flexible barrier

Reinforced polypropylene flexible sheet normally sold in roll form. A cost-effective barrier with a good tensile strength/elongation. Such material can be prone to puncturing from sharp objects. 

Barrier containing copper foil

Micro-perforated copper foil indicator layer sandwiched between layers of woven polypropylene geomembrane. A robust barrier in which the slow-release of copper has been shown to inhibit root growth. These barriers are permeable allowing moisture to pass between the segregated materials.


Low or high-density polypropylene of 1.0 mm gauge or greater which forms a durable non-woven barrier with good puncture resistance due to its thickness but lower tensile strength /elongation break. LDPE is easier to work with than an HDPE.

Further details regarding how and where these barriers may be used to provide flexible solutions to a variety of small and large projects is given in our Guidance Note Document.

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